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I’d previously thought that I started the comic in very late 1977, but I now think that’s unlikely. I saw Star Wars at the very  end of 1977—probably after Christmas. I did drawings of Star Wars at the end of 1977, but I don’t think they were comic pages. Much as I’d like the comic to have been started in the year the film came out, I don’t think I can honestly say that anymore.

These are quite childishly drawn ones. If they’re all from 1978, I was 9 and 10 years old. There are 2, possibly even 3 versions that were done in 1978. I think the first pass was with wobbly, coloured felt-tip pens. If I did the whole film, then the majority of those pages are now gone. The same goes for what I think is the second pass, in wobbly black biro/ballpoint. I a trashed huge number of those too as I got better at drawing, and became dissatisfied with them. There are lots of these remaining at the end of the comic after the escape from the Death Star, right through the ‘Last Battle’ of Yavin. But, most of them have had one side of the A4 sheet cut off and thrown away. Those halves were then stapled together. So that would have been the early part of the film adaptation, on the other side of the book, all gone and replaced with newer pages.

As I said, there may have been a 3rd pass made in 1978 too, but it’s very hard to tell. I try to assess up the style and quality of the drawing—and the types of paper they were drawn on, to figure out the different iterations.

These 1978 pages are the most childishly drawn ones, and often done without many references except trading cards and the Marvel comics. Much of the time, I can’t see any references at all, so they look even more bizarre! They’re the silliest pages and they’re my favourite ones of all! They really take me back to childhood.

Reading this Version:

They’re listed here in story-order; so if you read the comic here, it’ll be the closest you can get to reading my first adaptation of the movie (and I’ll weep for all of the pages that I threw away and replaced, as my drawing ability kept on improving).

This listing has them in reverse order. If you go to the last page, you can go backwards through them from the very first one.

—John White

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