1978/79? | age 10/11? Another massacre! I’m not sure every droid really must be destroyed, but it sure must have been fun to draw and of course—ahem… it shows what baddies the Empire are.

This one is drawn thin airmail paper and it’s hard to date. The blaster fire is fancy, and a bit like in the 1980 Flash Gordon remake. But honestly, I remember doing much more accomplished and mature drawings of the Flash Gordon movie in early summer of 1980, on the train journey to scout camp in Kerry. And some extremely <good Empire Strikes Back ones in 1980 too.

imperial stormtrooper firing his blaster—kid's Star Wars comic page detail

Above: Fancy laser fire. A lá 1980’s Flash Gordon?

These Stromtroopers at Yavin IV are relishing the destruction of the Rebel’s droids. Droids which were left behind by the fleeing Rebels! Knowing what we do about the emotional intelligence of Star Wars robots, and especially the childlike nature of the R2 models, this seems callous on the part of the Imperials and the Rebels!

Truth be told, I seem to have been pretty callous too. Sure, I was trying to effectively tell a story about goodies and baddies, but I bet I enjoyed <executing the entire population of Mos Eisley, at the hands of Stormtroopers. So maybe it was just too tempting to go ahead and havie another massacre at the Rebel base. Who’s callous now? Maybe this make-believe massacring, stopped me going-postal for real in later life 😀

You know, like the violent computer games that kids play today?

rebel droids being destroyed—kid's Star Wars comic page detail

Above: Droid massacre

Destroyed droids fall into the garbage chute at Yavin—kid's Star Wars comic page detail

Above: Down they go. I wonder if the Death Star trash compactor was as tall as that?

This was only a 1 panel page, but Monday’s installment will be 2 panels. My original Star wars comic adaptation was a smaller folded-over A4 format (A5), so most pages were only 2 panels. This one has been A4—much more like real comics, with space for more panels and more complex layouts.

Oh, and on Monday, the brutality will continue.

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