Age 10/11  1979/1980? You didn’t ask for it but here it is anyway: the most God-awful Star Wars comic ever made.


I was ‘inspired’ to publish this sooner than I intended, due to the sudden surprise return to the studio of ABBA—that most 1970s of musical phenomena.

I wasn’t sure if I ever would publish it, because I recalled it being so cringe-makingly awful. This was confirmed yesterday when I re-read it, in-between frequent wincing.

But, I posted the cover into my pal (film concept designer, Star Wars fan, Rebel Force Radio contributor and friend of the late Ralph McQuarrie *gasp*inhale*) Paul Bateman’s tweet about ABBA, and next thing I knew, Roger Christian saw and retweeted it. Yes, the Roger Christian 😀 So, without wishing to imply that Paul or Roger are legally—or criminally— responsible in any way, I decided to publish and be damned! Feck it, it’ll be fun.

Coming tomorrow, Monday, 30th April 2018