1978/79? | age 10/11? Ratcheting-up the evil of the Empire still further, the Imperials kill Rebel Prisoners at Yavin IV. I’d read plenty of WWII comics by this time and was familiar with SS tactics against civilians and prisoners.

Yet Another Massacre

rebel prisoners massacred by imperials on Yavin IV—detail of a Kid's Star Wars comic page

Above: Shocking stuff. Poor Spider-head man. And what are those rocks doing there?

Is that poor Spider-head man from the Mos Eisley Cantina? I bet he wishes he hadn’t signed-up with the rebels. Though if he’d stayed in Mos Eisley, he  probably would have died too. (I wonder where that costume came from? An old giant spider monster B-movie?)

I’d already had <Stormtroopers murder the ENTIRE POPULATION of Mos Eisley—right from the get-go in this comic—as a reprisal for the Rebels destroying the Death Star. Any innocent and unrelated people would do as a reprisal, it seems. And on the previous page, they massacred all of the Rebels’ abandoned droids. Strangely enough, in this page, there seems to be a ready-made prison camp at Yavin, with a sentry tower and barbed wire. It’s in keeping with Star Wars’ echoes of the WWII imagery and equipment which we’d seen in the first film.

imperial officer ordering the destructio of X-Wings and Y-Wings—detail of a Kid's Star Wars comic page

Above: Just like gunners in the World Wars, covering their ears

Blowing up X-Wings and Y-Wings—detail of a Kid's Star Wars comic page

Above: X-Wings and Y-Wings put out of commission

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