1978 or ’79 | age 10 or 11 Luke goes in, X-Wing Fighter guns blazing, and seems to scare away all of the Star Destroyers. What gives?

star wars comic detail luke's X-wing fighter

Above: Loads of lovely colour! Pow—pow—pow! This must have been fun to draw.

Genuine Suspense!

What do you think the ‘r’ in R-Bomb stands for? Answers in the comments below, please!

star wars comic detail bomb

Above: The Terrifyingly mysterious ‘R-Bomb’. What the crapping hell is it?!?

I’m pretty impressed with this page. You see, 10 or 11 year old me has created a nice suspenseful set-up here: the enemy mysteriously flees, and a huge bomb lies smoking on the jungle floor. Meanwhile, Luke and the other rebel pilots happily fly back to base, completely unaware. I’ve no doubt that this type of writing technique was learned by reading episodic comics, with their cliff-hangers, from the age of 4 or 5, but still…

All it needs now is some boffin seeing it later and saying, “I don’t know. It’s… something we haven’t seen before.” Is that a line from ALIEN?

star wars comic detail x-wings return to the temple base on Yavin

Above: Oblivious to the lurking threat below, jubilant Luke and the other X-Wing pilots return to the Massasi temple base! (nice giant broccoli)

There’s also a nice silent pause between panel 2 and panel 4, as Luke watches the fleeing Destroyers. I could really learn a lot from my younger self, do you know that?

My School Teacher? GNRLK!

The following image of Han is a dead ringer—and I mean really a dead ringer for my Primary/National School teacher, Mister Kisanne. He had exactly that hairstyle—and was quite tall dark and handsome. He was also the first teacher I’d ever seen using physical means to discipline a school kid. It was ‘OK’ to do that back then. He’d grab the young offender by a lock of hair above the ear and give it a twist as he asked them to consider their behaviour. I don’t think he ever did it to me though. I was the quiet well-behaved type. We were all 10 or 11 when in his 5th class, and that perfectly fits with this page: 1978/79.

star wars comic detail han solo and chewbacca

Above: A dead ringer for my 5th class teacher, Mister Kisanne. I wonder what became of him?

Once, during class, Mr. Kisanne was trying to bond with me and my bench-mate Niall F. We’d probably been using words he’d asked us to put into a sentence—but we’d made up Star Wars sentences, for fun. Mr. Kisanne then tried to show off some sort of shared Star Wars knowledge to bond with us—and get down with the kids. He mentioned the character “Obi Kenobi” with a knowing wink, thinking we’d be impressed and suddenly like him. Later, during breaktime, Niall and I ridiculed him. “Obi-Kenobi? OBI-KENOBI?!?”

You can’t win when you’re an adult. Even less so when you’re a teacher! It’s funny to think that he might only have been in his 20s or 30s at the time. Younger than I am now.

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