1978 or ’79 | age 10 or 11 The Jetpack Stormtroopers have landed, and the Star Destroyers are back. Back—hoovering up more stuff with their tractor beams! (Maybe they missed a bit last time?)

I should probably remind you, readers and especially those new to this site: this is not the actual official Empire Strikes Back comic. Nor is it even fan art based on the actual film. Hard to believe, I know, but there it is. However, later in 1980 or ’81, I did do an adaptation based on the actual Empire Strikes Back movie—which you can read here. Its not as funny as this though, which I made up on the fly when I was very young and didn’t finish (rolls eyes).

“You there. Take this!”

rebel being bashedin the face by a stormtrooper's jet pack—Star Wars Comic page detail

Above: There’s nothing quite like getting a jet-pack in the face

I think it’s funny how the Stormtrooper casts his jet-pack aside and hits a Rebel in the face with it. Was he trying to hurt the guy, or expecting him to take it and go hang it up somewhere?

This image is pretty gory. There’s a dismembered arm—which to be honest, George Lucas already gave us in ‘Star Wars’—and what I assume is a helmet with a decapitated head still inside—which George would later give us in Attack of the Clones. To be fair to George, in his kid-friendly film, he didn’t show Jango Fett’s blood pouring out of it when his son picked it up. I’m sure he would have liked to, but he had kids of his own, and wanted them to enjoy the film too. At the age of 10 or 11 however, I had no such issues to consider, and went for it! (most kids love that stuff).

dead stormtrooper—Star Wars Comic page detail

Above: See how the armour’s designed to click together? And blow apart. Gratuitous juvenile extreme violence and gore. Quick!—see more here>

I’m pleased to see that I showed how a Stormtrooper’s armour might click together. That’s some nice attention to detail. I think Ron Cobb would have approved.  I loved things that clicked together nicely. It’s one of the many reasons that I enjoyed building Airfix models as a kid.

Those Destroyers may suck, but what an ‘own goal’ by the Rebels!

rebel ship fires at an imperial destroyer—Star Wars Comic page detail

Above: A 1-in-a-million richotshet—rickoshet—rickoshit (Shrugs)

“Aw crikey!”

The Star Destroyers are back and hoovering stuff up again with their tractor beams. This a new battle strategy in this sequel. The other thing that’s new, and which I don’t think appeared in a Star Wars movie until the later 1980 Empire Strikes Back movie, is energy-beams bouncing off each other. The Rebel ship fires at the Star Destroyer and the laser bounces off the Tractor Beam, bouncing back and destroying four X-Wings! Ooops…

Ironic, considering that Tractor Beams attract things rather than repelling them. (Rolls eyes. Again) But I do love this bonkers stuff.

Star Wars Comic page detail

Above: SPELLING! Sigh… But, nice daffodil. “Execute tractor beam. Full power. I want those plants!”

Cute Stormies

I’ll finish up with a closeup of the teeny stormtroopers. That’s some pretty economical drawing there! Years later I’d marvel at Ron Smith’s crowd scenes and small figures that he’d draw for Judge Dredd in 2000ad. They were small, but so anatomically perfect!

han solo and stormtroppers—Star Wars Comic page detail

Above: Aw, cute

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