Age 14/15? | 1982/83? Oh wow… a Who’s Who Page!

who's who in star wars form star wars weekly comic han solo

Above: coloured by yours truly!

I have very fond memories of poring over the Who’s Who page on the inside cover of Marvel’s British Star Wars Weekly comic when I was 9 years old. I was in bed, at night, reading issue no.2—I think it was—which Francis O’Carroll had generously given to me in school that day. It was so bloody exciting to have it in my hands! Especially because it was probably at least 2 or 3 months since I’d seen the film, and there was no telling if I’d see it again before it came on TV in about 5 or 7 years. (That was fairly typical back then) The Who’s Who page shouldn’t have been anything exciting really, with it’s cast portraits of varying quality. Threepio’s picture was especially bad!

But I always remember that Stormtroopers were kind of like bees. They were the ‘drones of the Empire.’

And that Han Solo was ‘a devil may care smuggler.’

Who’s who pages are also a great way to cheaply and effortlessly take up space in a publication, but I fell for it. I wonder why I coloured Han’s eyes and teeth red?

As for the Who’s Who page in this comic of mine… I would have enjoyed making this because it was like a very professional, magaziney sort of thing to do!

I want to look at that Star Wars Weekly Who’s Who page again… oh, the memories! You don’t know how much that takes me back to 1978. Little me, tucked up in bed, engrossed in Star Wars. I bet I was puzzled about Luke’s hat and goggles! That Threepio must have been scrawled in by the editor or someone at the last minute.

who's who in star wars form star wars weekly comic

Above: Takes me back. Blimey, look at that drawing of C-3PO!

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