Age 14/15? | 1982/83? Poor Threepio’s Destruction

If it’s any consolation about this Empire Strikes Back adaptation’s premature termination, here’s the back cover of the comic. It’s an image that we never saw.

I hate to think that I was taking any pleasure in 3PO being shot to pieces by Boba Fett (?), and I’m pretty sure that I really liked Threepio’s character. He was particularly enjoyable and very funny in ESB. If you’ve ever listened to the Radio Drama version, Anthony Daniels does a brilliant Threepio performance in that too.

By the way, check out the hand holding the gun on the left. Do you think it looks like Fett’s? And that gun muzzle, does it really look like his one, or more like a lightsaber?

That Ugnaught looks like he’s really enjoying Threepio’s destruction, doesn’t he? (Evil Laugh. Whoo-ha ha haaaa!)

There are a few more bits and pieces to post from this book, going into Friday next week. Including actor-signed pages!

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