mid 1978? | age 10?  Han gets really emotional in this page. You see? When we were kids, and we read the novelisation and the comics and listened to the radio dramas—we got an extra spin on the story and characters beyond what was in the film. I obviously wanted to expand on the film too even at such a tender age.

Art Notes: Shut Up Chewie

Han coyly says may the force be with you to luke

You big softie you. Go on! Give him a hug. It’ll do you good.

Well isn’t that nice. Poor Chewie. You are such a bastard, Solo.

But wait, is he? In Star Wars age 9 comic, Han’s actually being a big softie too. Even more than in George’s version of SWa9. Tears. Actual tears! But he tries to fight them back. Just for a moment. You see, that’s the thing, right there. «Han shot Greedo in cold blood in the Cantina, but he later begins—in gradual little steps—to redeem himself.

To become a better person.

And: an even more interesting, deeper character.

“Sometimes, I even impress myself”

Han solo in a star wars comic page detail image

God, it’s so hard to be nice

I’m actually surprised at how well I rendered Han’s awkward, embarrassed facial expression as he makes himself say the corny “May the Force be with you” line to Luke. I mean, he’s a skeptic and a cynic, who acts all tough. Yet here he is saying something which he finds… cringe-worthily silly. But he’s saying it for the sake of his new friend. His head is down, partly in shame, partly in embarrassment, and he manages to just curl up one side of his mouth in a supportive smile.

Okay, okay. Yes, he also looks a bit creepy and menacing.

. . .

Film Notes

Such mastery of the ballpoint Biro, in one so young!

Blimey, they caked-on the makeup again in this scene. Remember earlier? The scene that our «Neil Baker showed to Mark Hamill. Ooer. But, I have to say: Mr.Hamill was very sporting about it! «Take a look.

So, are you wondering, when will the big battle start? When will the rebels finally attack the Death Star? FRIDAY!

. . .