c.1982/1983? | age 14? Buckle your seat belts readers… we’re finally going to start the attack run on the Death Star!


Not much to say about today’s better than average quality page. Oh yes, that’s why: The older I got—the fewer the laughs! Hey, what are those markings on the side of Luke’s X-Wing? Weird. I bet it was something I saw somewhere and misinterpreted as letters.

. . .


Order 66? Not bloody likely. This is the REAL Star Wars. And there’s a lot crammed into this page isn’t there? Biggs barely gets a look-in and we zip straight to the Death Star. No buggering about. We’re going in!

. . .

Art Notes

princess leia close-up star wars comic page detail image

She’s worth a ‘closeup’. Beautiful at last. «Unlike earlier horrors

She’s Gorrrrgeous!

…as Max would say in the ‘Hart to Hart’ opening titles. I was obviously becoming aware of the fact that pretty women had a strange kind of appeal. I was a teenager at this point. No more of the other sort of «hideousness.

Leia seems very interested in Luke’s hair doesn’t she? I wonder if she’s appreciating his blow-drying technique?

Naughty Inkers

See that image of Luke in panel 3? Very odd. I checked the Marvel version of SWa9 from 1977 and there it is! The same face. I won’t mention any names but when I look at some of the inking that was plastered over Howard Chaykin’s pencils, I’m shocked to see what looks like the same—ahem—work of a notorious inker who shall remain nameless, who literally ruined a very early issue of Tomb of Dracula. I’ve mentioned (I’ve just realised, the late) Gene Colan‘s work on that brilliant comic before and for most of its 70 issue run the inking was handled by the brilliant Tom Palmer. What an amazing artistic partnership that was!

You can easily spot the bits that I copied from Marvel, for my own version. But look at Luke’ weird face in the 2nd panel?

Yet in at least one issue, this other guy did the inking. My God it was a disaster. Apparently he used to just spread black ink all over beautifully pencilled backgrounds to save himself work! And now, in the Marvel Star Wars adaptation I’m seeing inking that looks disturbingly similar.

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