early 1978 | age 9 Beautiful—are you sure?


ugly princess leia

Lovely, lovely, radiantly beautiful, feminine Leia. Sigh…

One of the first attempts to extol Leia’s beauty! 9 or 10 year old boys really don’t have much of an appreciation of the opposite sex’s charms do they? Actually I DID have a couple of Farrah pinups even when I was 8—but to try to depict that beauty would be just a bit cissy! I did make one concession though. See the lipstick there? So there’s something else that one can use the colour red for. You know, other than bloodbaths!

Film Notes: “Bring on the cement mixer!”

mark hamill in lots of makeup

“Why do I suddenly look weird?”

Poor Mark Hamill looked weird in this scene in the film. His hair’s all girly and he seems to have suddenly got this odd thick orange tan that contrastingly increases the luminosity of his blue eyes. It might be a make-up blunder—he’s wearing more than Carrie Fisher. Did Mark have a sudden acne break-out?—was he sun-burnt after shooting in Tatooine? He looks a bit skinnier too.

He delivers a great line though.

Careful Mark—it’ll crack!