Age 14/15? | 1982/83?

Yep. That’s it.

This is as far as I got with the Empire Strikes Back adaptation. Clearly, I wasn’t as determined to finish it as I was when I was drawing the «’Star Wars’ one.

This could have been due to a combination of things:

Maybe I was 15 or 16 and just not that into Star Wars anymore? (I didn’t even go to see Return of the Jedi in the cinema—thankfully)

Could peer pressure—or even embarrassment—have finally stopped me indulging in the Star wars stuff, and I was more interested in pop music and girls?

Was the prospect of drawing all that Dagobah Jedi training stuff and philosophising not that exciting of a prospect?

I’m not sure about the reason/s.. It’s confused further by the fact that when I look at my earlier ‘Star Wars’ adaptation, some of the higher quality pages look as if they were done when I was maybe even older than I was when doing this one, in secondary school. «Like this one, which seems quite grown up.

One thing is for sure: I definitely still wanted to be a professional comics artist a few years later, when I was 17/18 and in art college. And I was trying to draw more mature stuff, after seeing HeavyMetal magazine, and reading more 2000ad. So, the question remains… why did I stop drawing Empire?

Bad News & Good News

So, that’s this adaptation finished—or rather, prematurely terminated by the young me. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that:

  1. I have 2 other (incomplete) Star Wars comics still to publish, which I think will amuse you readers.
  2. And, I really do fancy publishing a completely different adaptation of ‘Star Wars’ compiled from the hundreds of old drawings that I still have. I think it could be quite funny. I’ve toyed with the idea of combining them with a written narrative, so it’s a bit like a cross between the novelisation and the Storybook. Trouble is, it’d be a huge project. Before writing a word, I’d have to go through all of the hundreds of drawings, decide which ones to use and scan them. I even considered making them into multi-paneled pages—like a comic—but that’d just be nuts. Especially for a non-commercial project. And especially as I have many other pressing things that need to be done careerwise, etc.
  3. AND: There are a few more miscellaneous non-comic pages of the Empire Strikes Back book which I’m going to upload here. Nothing terribly exciting, though 1 of them has 2 autographs! It’ll keep updates going until into next week.

So, thanks for reading this far. And until Wednesday, cheerio gang!

Post your comments below—if you’ve enjoyed it. Thanks.