I know, I’m stretching it somewhat. It’s short—off the cuff—and not even what you’d call a review, but it’s more than worthy of inclusion here. It’s Mark Hamill for goodness sake! When I made this comic, he was my hero! Sad person that I am, I even framed it—in Photoshop— for your delectation!

Mark Hamill says "I love it!" of Star Wars age 9 comic

Mark Hamill has seen my little comic

Infinite thanks to my pal Neil Baker for using his golden opportunity to ask Mark a question on Twitter—to tell him about my childhood Star Wars adaptation.

nobby1138 (that’s Neil) asked:

“Loved to get your take on this, Mark 😉 It’s a blog I’ve been following and enjoying.”

HamillHimself (that’s Mark flippin’ Hamill!)

“Love it! Lucky the princess was so attractive, there weren’t many females to choose from in that galaxy far, far, away.”

Somehow, I don’t think Mark was thinking of the following image when he typed that remark:

Ugly Princess Leia

Euwww… “From now on, you do what I tell you!” She reminds me of the headmistress from Picnic at Hanging Rock!

I would love to print a copy of SWa9 and post it to him. Some day…