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I’m guessing that these are the latest and last of the pages that I did, based on the quality of drawing. I might have been as old as 16, in 1984, when I did many of these. But could I really have been doing them when I was as old as 17, in 1985? I doubt it. I was mad into listening to and playing Heavy Metal music by 1983 and didn’t even bother going to see ‘Return of the Jedi’ in the cinema!

But I think I was drawing other comics in 1983 and ’84. I’d seen some English language versions of the French Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal) comics—ironically—which were lent to me by the local hip media guy blow-in, around the time I applied to art college in 1985. They inspired me, as did the Marvel attempt at their own Metal Hurlant comic for adults, called EPIC Illustrated. It’s possible that I was writing and drawing the comic based on Black Sabbath’s song ‘War Pigs’, and another—which I was inventing myself—called Finders Keepers. I was in full-on “I want to be a comic artist when I finish art college” mode. So naíve! The latter comic was done full colour, with great care, and was Sci-Fi; but sadly it didn’t get much further than a few pages. I was still making comics without figuring out the while story first.

So, I’m guessing that the pages you see below, were done between about 1983 and 1984, when I was 15—16 years old.

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