Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Imperial flippin’ Walkers—at last. And they’re sparkly too!

Script & Art Notes

a terrified rebel commender on hoth

Scaredy Commander

That rebel commander guy is really terrified, isn’t he? And what’s that gibberish he’s saying? “Comin’in at point zero three!” I don’t know if that means anything but it sounds all sort of military and spacey.

Oh wait, here’s why he’s terrified:

Rebels getting fried by imperial at-at walkers

We’re frying tonight!

Yeah, I don’t think I’d fancy getting turned into a burning skeleton either!

Here come the boys in blue! Is that a soccer-fan chant? Sounds like it.

Snowspeeder Blue Squadron attacks the AT-ATs

Snowspeeder Blue Squadron attacks the AT-ATs!

There doesn’t seem to  be anything here that’s directly lifted from the Marvel comic, Storybook or photos in the Novelisation. But the Walkers are very accurately drawn. I wonder where I got the visual references? Did I have all the Marvel Comic adaptation but chose to just do it all my own way? Looks as if I did. I like that. It’s much more creative.

I think this panel is quite cute looking:

inside luke and dack's snowspeeder cockpit

“Don’t worry Dack—these AT-ATs are very small.” “No Luke, they’re FAR AWAY.”

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