c.1982? This is a much later page today, possibly c.1982, starring for once–a non-ugly Princess Leia! Also it’s just better-quality work! I reckon the graphic effect behind the Stormtrooper must have been lifted from another comic – not the Marvel version. I can’t imagine it was my own concept.

Interview with Amazing Stories Magazine!

I’d just like to gve a quick link to an interview that I did with Darren Slade – of my favourite blog Episode Nothing: Star Wars in the 1970s for Amazing Stories Magazine. It was great fun and I’m really pleased with it. Its only the second interview I’ve done about Star Wars age 9. The other was with Manu Pinon for Spain’s Cinemania Magazine. Amazing Stories is an excellent site. There’s so much to enjoy! Many thanks to Darren for the interview which he fashioned into a really good article. Darren has a new blog post coming at Episode Nothing today, as I write this. Please visit and leave a comment or share a link!

Princess Leia tries to flee

I never noticed the POD ENGAGED text before. I had no idea they were used for that!

Art Notes: Cor… Girls!

It’s been interesting to see how the early artwork of 1977-79 or so makes no attempt – at all – to depict the feminine charms of Leia or any of the women. I was 9-11 thereabouts and girls weren’t really that much of an issue. Obviously I fancied Farrah Fawcett – but what boy didn’t? I even had her picture in my Warlord Secret Agent Wallet. But no, Leia looks absolutely hideous on most of the early stuff.

Princess Leia is stunned in marvel

Paralysis-Ray? Looks pretty severe to me! (Chaykin/Marvel 1977) [large view]

Then we get to the 1980s and I’m obviously beginning to really appreciate the female face and form. For the first time in this comic we see an attempt to do Carrie Fisher some sort of Justice! Her beauty is extolled by Luke in the film after all.

Apparently the image above-left is famous – is it called the ‘Leia Boob Shot’? She isn’t shot in the boob! I tell you what though, the blue concentric circles effect in the film works very nicely. Howard Chaykin however, appears to be trying to blast her arm off. I’ll tell you another thing too, she looks very nice indeed.

Film Notes

More about Boobs

Carrie Fisher says she had to very uncomfortably tape her chest bits down under her outfit to keep things under wraps and under control. This was important to George it seems because, she says “Apparently there’s no underwear in space”. She’s a funny lady. Aparently there are no nipples allowed either – in space – in 1977.

“Apparently there is no underwear in space (laughs)”

– Carrie Fisher

Bonus Prurient Content

Princess Leia boob grab

Above: An incredible cinematic moment – worth highlighting all over the web

Incidentally, you won’t believe the stuff that you can find on the internet (Please don’t ask me what I typed into Google to find this clip. Ok, it was ‘leia boob shot marvel’).

Warning: the above clip repeats over and over and becomes somewhat… well, creepy.

Carrie Fisher roasts George Lucas video

Carrie ‘roasts’ George Lucas. A must-see stand up comedy piece!

Next: Leia – she’s a bit rough!

↓ Transcript
Star Wars comic page

(CU of Princess Leia, with an escape pod behind, and lasers criss-crossing. She's holding a gun)

(CU of a stormtrooper)
"There she is!" he shouts.

(full-body/wide-shot of Leia. She's hit by a stun blast and falls to the deck)