Age 10/11, 1979/1980? Han bursts into the Cantina discoteque, sees the Stormtroopers, who’ve called a truce—for the shared love of disco—and then murders them.

Stormtroopers Lettin’ Their Hair Down!

I couldn’t imagine working in the blazing Tatooine heat, in a Stormtrooper outfit, never mind going into a hot sweaty discoteque and boogieing-on-down. But don’t those Imperials look like they’re having fun? One of them has an Imperial officer’s hat balanced on his helmet with ‘PUNK’ scrawled across it. It makes me wonder if I did this in my first few months of secondary school, in 1979. It wasn’t long after the Punk Explosion of the seventies, and 2000ad comic had the punk character ‘Spike‘ in the Judge Dredd ‘Cursed Earth’ saga, and there was a punk character called Syd Snot on Kenny Everett’s Video Show.’

Above: Stormies havin’ fun on the Mos Eisley Cantina Discoteque dance floor

In panel 2 there’s a weirdly foreshortened Stormtrooper relaxing without his helmet on—Han Solo style—with his wonky legs crossed on the table. The ugly female alien—who looks a bit like Alf—comes onto him, calling him “flyboy.” He calls her “honey!” I bet I wanted a hairstyle like his!

Ugly Leia

Above: Weird Giant Headed ugly Leia

There’s actually a ‘tag’ on Star Wars age 9, for this category of Leia depictions. This page is the latest to join those awful ranks. See the other pages of ugly Leia’s here» As I’ve said before, I wasn’t that interested in depicting women attractively at such an age—or if I was, I couldn’t.

Above: Wierd big-foreheaded-Stanley-Baxter-nostrilled ugly Leia

Murdering Basterd Han Solo

Yes, Han just bursts in and summarily executes the Stormtroopers—no hesitation. Maybe this says more about the young me, than it does about Solo. Perhaps shocked at my ruthlessness, I pulled back a bit and added the “OWCH” word balloon, to make seem like less of a kill shot.

Ping Pong Pang

Above: Funny startled alien

Can anyone explain to me—4 decades later—what the ‘ping—pong—pang’ sounds are all about? I really have no idea. Is it music?

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