Age 10/11, 1979/1980? Solo flees—after murdering the dancing Stormtroopers—via a pane of glass.

Still no Gun Control in Mos Eisley?

3 innocent Imperials now lie dead after putting their differences aside and calling a truce, for the greater cause of disco. Han Solo flees the scene. Is he a rebel terrorist? Probably not—because he’s white. He must surely be mentally disturbed! Yes, that’s it! Maybe the NRA and US Republican party would suggest arming everyone in the nightclub? More guns! More guns! That’s er… clearly the solution.

But I digress…


alien glazier

Above: Irish-Alien-Hobbit glazier

I’m a bit worried about that character. Especially his mock-Irish accent. I do like his flat-cap though. And at least I’m not implying that he’s thick or incompetent or anything.

Computer Readout Stuff

The ++LOOK++OUT++MR+SOLO++ stuff is very reminiscent of something that featured in 2000ad comic’s terrible ‘MACH 1′ series. Like many of the IPC comic publications’ stories around that time, they ripped-off currently popular Film and TV properies. Jaws became Hook Jaw, Dirty Harry became Judge Dredd (sort of), and Six Million Dollar Man became MACH 1—a bionic secret agent/weapon. The Mach 1 stories were terrible, and very typical of most pre-2000ad boys comics. The script usually went like this: (Male) Hero is given a mission to blow up a base, or rescue someone, and does it—with some action along the way. No ‘twists.’ Fill 4 or 5 pages. Job done. But the bionic man, John Probe, had a built-in computer which guided and helped him, offering data on how safe an intended action will be and the chances of success. I think he usually ignored the advice in cavalier British fashion. But maybe also Han Solo fashion. “Never tell me the odds.”

han solo

Above: Han Solo close-up

20% Fatal, and a “Bad Host”

Hmm. I don’t think I’d fancy being even 1% dead to be honest. Would you?

It looks like I didn’t understand what a host was. In ‘Star Wars’, Han described allowing Greedo to sit with him—before blowing him away—as being a kind of “bad host.” Which is pretty funny. But in this comic, being a host seems to involve going into a night club and shooting people dead, without provocation.

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