Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Anxiety increases on echo base as does the potential for ‘toilet humour’ .

Script Notes

Very Silly

“That droid’s Imperial, we’d better evacuate.
Start the evacuation!”
“Oh, I think I already have.
“Master Luke, it’s good to see you functioning again.”

There’s some cringey script on this page alright, but 1st Prize must go to that final line, “Those gunners aren’t coverin’ us, they’re huggin’ us!”

And what about that rebel using the descriptor, ‘Battlewagons”? Do you know, I swear I’ve heard that one before in some other Sci-Fi thingy. It’s not in the ESB novelisation, Storybook, or Marvel comic. And I don’t think it’s in the film either. Could it have been in the original ‘Star Wars’ radio drama series? Maybe you readers can help me out.

Where’s the Retrospectively Strange Kiss?

camie and fioxer kissing—star wars

Garrick Hagon laughed at this!

I seem to have merrily skipped past this scene’s humourous banter between Han and Leia and that—now—slightly weird kiss between Leia and Luke. At the time, it’s what we expected, that Luke and Leia would fall in love, but it turned out that Luke was going to become a dull, chaste warrior monk instead. I’m sure I wasn’t keen on spending time and effort all drawing all that kissy smoochy stuff, but I did do it previously in the ‘Star Wars’ adaptation. You can see them here:

Luke and Leia kiss—star wars

“For luck” Luke and Leia’s big kiss

Art Notes

Gosh! I attempted to make space look more like… space! For once, I actually had a go at filling it in, with a grey marker. I bet it’ll be the first and last time though. Too much trouble to do.

And here’s another one of those rubbish stickers. I’m sorry now that I stuck it on top of the drawing of Luke, Threepio and Artoo.

The B&W photo however looks like it was planned into the page, with me trying to seamlessly merge my artwork into it with graphite pencil.

And doesn’t Threepio look a bit put out by the Rebel sticking a speech-balloon in front of his face? Or like someone is shouting in his mechanical earhole?

I’d love to read your comments below! So, help me out readers, have you heard that word ‘Battlewagon’ before? If so, where?