This might originally have followed the « film-noir page that you saw a few days ago. What an incredibly pared-down Star Wars adaptation my ’77 original was! It must have been charming before half of it went into the bin (sob – splutter!).

Artwork Notes

I’m just the most stupidly sentimental live-in-the-past old fool. But then, some of you have told me after seeing SWa9, how much you “wish I still had my old drawings”. I should feel extremely lucky that I still have so many – after age 8 – and a small number done at an even younger age. Now I save all of my son’s drawings and annotate them with the dates, and sometimes our little conversations about them. Often they do need some form of explanation! And they’re al kept safe in an archive quality, sealed box.


So we’re back to the cute stuff again. I like the cheerful toss of the screw-driver. But Ben’s anatomy is all over the place!

Er, what about the excellent ‘handing over of the Lightsaber’ bit in the film? Surely not too boring for a 9 year old to draw? Was that binned too? Argh! How I’d love to see the complete fan-edit of the film that I originally drew.

“ALDERANN…” Says Ben, in panel 2. Hmmm… but why? Does it look like it was added later to er, add more coherence to the story?

You’d need to be very familiar with the film to know what the heck was going on here wouldn’t you?

I was fond of that grey-blue felt-tip pen. It was excellent for colouring certain army uniforms—like German ones. In actual fact, it was probably resorted to here, because the black and dark greys had all run out.


Incidentally – notice the retrospectively-added parallel scars» on Luke’s face? There’ll be more on that another day.

Mower Please?

Patrick Archibald Shaw (Mower)

Patrick Archibald Shaw (Mower): More 70s Chin Dimples!

‘Man of a 1000 faces Luke’ now looks like Patrick Mower, average English actor of the ’70s. Mower was one of the archetypal chin-be-dimpled stars. The characters are getting so good at shape-shifting their faces now, that I doubt they’ll even need Stormtrooper outfits to get into the Death Star Prison Block!

“Who are you?”

“It is I, Patrick Mower—average English actor of the ’70s! Not a rebel trying to rescue a princess.”

“Oh,” baffled expression, “where are you taking this – thing?”

“This ‘thing’ – as you so quaintly put it – is a betamax tape of my finest film ‘Carry-on England.’ “

“Does Barbara Windsor get her kit off in it?”

“No, I think that was ‘Carry-on Camping.’ “

“Men, destroy that tape.”

↓ Transcript
(Wide-shot of Luke Skywalker, Artoo Detoo and Ben Kenobi, in Ben's home)

Luke is leaning on R2's dome's head, tossing a screwdriver in the air. Artoo is projecting Princess Leia's hologram.

"Hey Ben, look. She's terrifickkk!!" says Luke.
"That's Princess Leia Organa!" Ben replies.
"Eh!" goes Luke.
Leia says, "Obi-Wan Wan, I have place information in this droid."

(Mid-shot of Luke outside in the desert)

"Alderann..." (presumably spoken by Ben)

"I'll take ya as far as Mos-Eisley space-port. But first, home!" Luke replies—looking very like the actor Patrick Mower.