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c.1979?|age 11? It’s a rubbish, embarrassing page, but!—it features an Imperial baddie who’s just about as evil as they come. Not just evil. And no, not just very evil. We are now looking at a character that I can only describe as…


Warlord-Comic-Level-Evil-Nazi Imperial Officer

A ‘Drooling-with-pure-Evil’ Imperial officer

Just look at him in that last panel? This Empire officer is soooo evil that he actually drools saliva down his chin. Oh, come on!

“We might be of some help there.” (evil drool…)

Warlord comic was the worst ever for stereotyping. Japanese soldiers—or Nips as they were often referred to invariably had little round spectacles, buck-teeth and were addressed as “yellow-bellies”. Usually those were the last words they heard before being blown-up or burned alive. I was sat watching BBC TV’s Swap Shop around ’76 and Warlord was mentioned. My mum overheard and said, “That comic’s terrible. A radio programme said the Japanese all look like Frankenstein.” I denied all charges—of course, being  very young, naive ’70s idiot. “Chew grenade Tojo!”

Star Wars Convention tales: meeting Steve Sansweet

Steve Sansweet

Steve Sansweet (Ex-LucasFilm) enjoyed seeing the comic (April 2011) What a nice man he is!

I enjoyed meeting Steve Sansweet (retired Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations at LucasFilm for 15 years). I thought he’d be interested in me wee comic and I wasn’t disappointed! His enthusiasm for it gave me great joy. Jeremy ‘Boba Fett’ Bulloch (behind me in photo) spotted what was going on and leaned in and had a look too, he remembered seeing the Empire adaptation I showed him and asked him to sign at the previous year’s event. He chirped “Well, hello again!” and then said to Steve, “Yes, I saw it before, it’s amazing!”

As Gabby took the photo I said: “Obviously, Steve realises that by posing for this photo, he’s officially endorsing the comic.”
He grinned and said “Well of course!”

As Steve enjoyed perusing the pages—honestly, he appeared to be fascinated—I explained how I’d been very snooty about comic art for the last couple of decades but had recently been taught the error of my ways by this rediscovered comic, among other things. Steve understood, and said that George (Lucas) had also been a fan of comics when he was a younger man and is now enjoying them all over again.

During his Q&A, Steve—owner of the World’s largest Star Wars memorabilia collection—told the audience that these days he’s actually more interested in “fan-made” items. So it looks like I met him at just the right time!

A very nice guy. I’d love to send him a copy some day.

stene sansweet's autograph on the comic

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Part VI draws to a close

I don’t know why but I always feel sad when I finish a section. Maybe because it reminds me that someday I’ll reach the very end of the whole comic.