Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Yep he is. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. And I am ditching Facebook. Talk about…

facebook logo in bin trashcan

Above: More on this further down the page

Art Notes

Interesting pose by Han here. Are his palms against the glass—or just in the air?

There’s some expressionistic colour in this page again. And one of those silly ESB stickers. You know, I think I’d prefer to see the drawing that was underneath! Previously, on the ‘Star Wars’ adaptation I wondered what was underneath a pasted in press clipping, and steamed it off. And I’m glad I did. «Take a look!

Script Notes

It’s funny that I didn’t use Han’s response to Leia that was in the film itself:

Leia: “You’re not seriously going into an asteroid field!!!”
Han: “Yeah, they’d be crazy to follow me, wouldn’t they?”

Mark Hamill

I said last time that I’d go into the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, because Mark Hamill was the first ever International Guest of Honour. I didn’t bother in the end. He was most likely just going to be sat in the Presidential stand, so I didn’t think there’d be much to see. he was there with his wife and daughter. And he also appeared on RTE TV’s ‘The Late Late Show’ the night before. He was a lovely, fun, self-deprecating guest as ever. Mark posted some nice pics on his Twitter feed that are worth a look. Especially the one in which he’s meeting our President, Michael D. Higgins.

P.S: Good-riddance to Facebook

The current scandal developing over Facebook/Cambridge Analytica etc., and even Steve Bannon, has given me the final push I needed to get the hell off Facebook for good. I’ve barely looked at it for about 7 months, having decided that I don’t like it, I don’t like what it (and all social media) is doing to people’s brains, and what it’s doing with people’s data. I also find it a depressing waste of time. I was alerted to Cambridge Analytics’ involvement in Trump’s successful election about a year ago, but boy oh boy, it’s all much bigger than I’d even imagined.

Of the tiny amount of traffic I get to this site, a high percentage comes from Facebook, and virtually none from Twitter. But it’s still a high percentage of feck all, basically. So while it might seem that I’m shooting myself in the foot by ditching Facebook for personal/family use, and as a publicising tool for this site—which to be honest, is the only reason why I returned to it, and stayed on it; it really won’t make much difference to my traffic and page-views.

Let’s face it, this site is not that popular. I just do it for my own fun and memories. I think I can live with 1 visit per day rather than 4.

I might try harder with Twitter, but to be honest, I can’t see the point. It’s a huge time-suck if you do it properly. You see, the way to succeed with Twitter is to honestly like the platform and to be on it—a lot!—retweeting other people’s content. Curating yours and other people’s content, but sharing theirs about 3 times as much as your own. But it’s just too much of a commitment—unless it’s going to generate income or be fun—especially if you have no interest in Twitter.

The best way of all to succeed at Twitter though is to: Already Be Famous.

So to hell with Facebook, but not all the people I’ve met on there and those of you who have ended up here through it.

If you have any thoughts to add on this subject, please fire away. I’ll be happy to discuss. I much prefer to see comments, and engage in conversation with you good folks here on this website, rather than on Social Media, anyway.

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