First of the 2011 Pages!

I mention the latest, Japanese Force Awakens trailer and give a shout-out to Rebel Force Radio and Jogcast Radio!

(Originally written in Jan 2012)

This must have been the longest gestating page in history! Please accept my apologies for the hiatus since last 6th December 2010! View Larger Version

The man-hours weren’t excessive but the number of small stints of work were. A bit here, a bit there – when I could steal away a bit of time.

I’m filling-in another of those never-illustrated, quieter scenes from the film. Some of the dialogue has been fleshed-out with the late Brian Daley’s writing for the 1981 Public Radio Dramatisation which my son and I have been enjoying over the last few weeks!

First pass - click for larger view

A wonderful series. Read about it on Scott D. Parker’s Blog

I couldn’t resist it – to hear it again after so many years. I wondered if they’d be as exciting? Well, let me say: they really are. (One of the CDs was scratched but good ol’ Becky Nashover on the SWa9 Facebook page sent me a new copy – many thanks!) It takes a while to adjust to some of the the actors’ voices, as they try to mimic the movie cast but it’s worth the effort. Mark Hamill – I must say – shows that he really is a good actor. A terrific performance. The Detention Block, Trash Compactor and Falcon Vs TIE fighter attack scenes are genuinely thrilling! As Scott D. Parker says in his blog: in many ways, it’s an even more fulfilling experience than the original movie. The scope for fleshing out certain scenes is there, in the audio-only version and really delivers. You know of course that in the film, contraction is necessary for its 2 hour running time. And it’s interesting – when you become aware of the different approaches for each medium – how successfully George Lucas made it all fit in the first of the Star Wars movies! And he seems to achieve it so naturally!


Art Notes

I’d intended to actually ink this page – unlike the « 2010 ones – just to see what it’d turn out like. But no, in the end, I stuck to the pencil. Only trouble with the pencil is the tendency to get into tonal work – rather than a more linear, outlined technique – typical of the comics medium. But, c’est la vie. Here it is. I’m pretty pleased with it. I could refine it more and more but I have to stop somewhere.


Film Notes: weird!

Neil Baker over on the SWa9 Facebook page was quick to spot a very interesting geological feature. Do you see it? If you do – and you also think it’s odd! – you might like to have a look at the original film again. I’d be curious to know if Georgehas even noticed it!


Surprise, New Japanese Episode 7 Trailer!

The Japanese International Trailer!

(7 Nov 2015) Woah – yesterday was exciting! After J.J.Abrams said that there would be no more trailers until the December 17th release, what happened? Disney, in Japan, released anothertrailer! Absolutely fantastic it is too. More footage, more dialogue more clues!

And an intriguing line is delivered by Kylo Ren (presumably!) as he gazes upon Vader’s melted helmet, “I shall fulfil our designy.” Our? OUR?!?!?

“I shall fulfil ourdesigny.”

Jimmy Mac of Rebel Force Radio, got Paul Bateman on the phone after it hit the internet and they recorded a special show of their discussion it. Paul was strangely absent! – as Star Wars fans on Facebook were going nuts over it. I just knew something was up! It’s a fascinating discussion, which I listened to last night for about an hour, and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest tonight.

Rebel Force Radio logo and link

Rebel Force Radio: Your Source, for the Force!


Jogcast Radio Network

My pal Alan R. Ryan’s Web Radio show has also been providing some great, interesting entertainment lately. They did a show on the « previous Force Awakens trailer which I really enjoyed. And their ‘Brutally Honest Movie Review‘ ofEmpire Strikes Back.

Alan R. Ryan Presents!


On top of the new trailer, I got another very a nice treat yesterday when he invited me to guest on the Star Wars Jogcast in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned for details here and over on the SWa9 Facebook page!

Jogcast radio network logo

The terrific online Jogcast Radio network