c.1978–1979 | age 9–10? And so ends Pt.IV of the comic, with the burning Lars homestead and the tragic deaths of Owen and Beru. But Luke returns specifically to burn dead Jawas? I also take a little look at another artistic influence: Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula – you’ll see why.

Again, he returns specifically to burn dead Jawas? I thought they made Threepio do that. Cruel really, considering that he has smell-receptors.

A sombre note to end this part of the comic. But never fear dear reader! More unintentionally funny pages are lurking, waiting to make their appearance – on Monday!

Artwork Notes


forever man and dracula(Right: The amazing ‘Forever Man‘ story of 1978 by the incomparable artists Gene Colan & Tom Palmer (Tomb of Dracula) Read about ToD here!)

Do you see those funny crescent shapes on their cheekbones? Even almost 4 decades later, I know absolutelywhere they came from! Did any of you ever read the fantastic MARVELTomb of Dracula‘ comics of the 1970’s? I started collecting them a year ago. I suddenly recalled, after finding two old copies in my old bedroom, just how much the late Gene Colan and Tom Palmer’s artwork excited and inspired me. Any-hoo… there was a story in issue#57 called ‘The Forever Man‘. Sorry, ‘Forevvvvvverrrrr Maaaaan‘. The character – The Forever Man – had a crescent moon mark on his cheekbone. Have a look for yourself, left.

(July 2016: You know, I’m watching episodes of Starsky & Hutch on DVD now, and there’s an episode in series 1 in which an eastern European, immigrant character has a crescent moon shaped mark on his cheek bone! Is that where Marvel got the idea?)

Another feature that I sometimes copied was « Johnny Red’s nose-crease as drawn in Battle Comic.

Over to you!

What unusual features did you copy from your favourite comics?

↓ Transcript
(Transcript of a Star Wars Comic Book adaptation page)


(Worm's-eye view of Luke on the ground)

Luke is lying on the sand, with the Lars homestead and the charred remains of his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru behind him.
'Luke fell down on his stomach. Burying his face in the sand!'
"NO! No! No! No!" he wails.


(Worm's-eye view/wideshot of Luke's landspeeder returning to the burning Jawa sandcrawler)
'Luke returns to Ben and to throw dead Jawas on the blazing lit pyre'


(2-shot of ben and Luke)
"I share your sorrow, Luke" says Ben softly.
Luke replies, tears rolling down his face, "Ben, I want to go to Alderann. I want to be a Jedi, like my father—like you."