1978 | age 9-10 Today we’re still in early 1978. And we get another of my favourites! This is when Star Wars really takes off for me, when Solo shows his true colours and refuses to get involved in any rescue mission of any Princess.

Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill really spark off each-other in this scene. It’s very funny. Also, you get an extra bonus today, with another Special Edition coloured-in version!

Han Solo doesn't want to rescue the princess

Above: Chivalry indeed!

SWa9 Special Edition!

Two can play at that game George! You can see more Special Editions here»

Another Star Wars age 9 'Special Edition'

Another Star Wars age 9 ‘Special Edition’

Lettering for Beginners: Learn from a Master

Yes!—if you pay attention readers, you too can letter like a beginner!  The writing—not to mention the lettering—on this is absolutely all over the place! I’d like to see this get past Marvel’s quality control. Would you like to learn how to do that writingy-stuff in comics? Well, unless you want to do it like a 9 year old beginner too, look away now.


And how about trying to squeeze in even more text that you’d forgotten to plan for—in all of your excitement—on top of the drawing bits?


And, proof that dad still hadn’t raided the office stationery cupboard and brought home Tip-Ex (that was almost as exciting as permanent markers and calculators):

WHAT .. .. .. ..

I think I’ve just figured out what the .. .. .. .. is. Because there wasn’t any space for a second instance of “PRINCESS” I put in that ditto notation. Good God! (Slaps forehead) This is comic makes the reader WORK.

Art Notes: Boobies

Threepio has loveable facial expressions. Yes, that’s right: expressions. Anthony Daniels‘ great achievement was to give a frozen-faced robot expression; through his voice and body language. I didn’t have the benefit of sound but was able to make Threepio’s face a little more animated. The eyes for example. See him look to the heavens? Panel 2 is rather nice—seems to be just right for what he’s thinking. Would you believe that Lucas had planned on 3PO being dubbed in post-production to sound like an American used-car salesman? Thankfully someone on the team convinced him to stick with Daniels’ English Butler styling! Sadly, these days George doesn’t have to listen to anyone’s advice.


Incidentally, see those nipple-type things on Threepio’s chest—up there! Look up dammit! Granted, they’re more centred and close together than nipples but they were still nipply enough for my young pal Niall F—who you’ve heard about—say to me in school one day, of his own drawing of Threepio “I can’t put in those things. My ma thinks they’re rude.” How could Threepio possibly be rude? Some people’s imaginations are just filthy. Oh wait, maybe he can…

burlesque threepio

Burlesque Threepio: See? I saved the best for last.