Yawwwwwwn. Oh well. Slim-pickings today.

Artwork Notes

Our dear pal and reader « Neil Baker commented the other daythat he’d like to see these later, c.1981-83 pages get the ‘« Special Edition‘ treatment. I’m not impressed with them, but it’s almost tempting to colour them in – just to make them look better!

Much of this is copied from the Marvel comic.

Is that Threepio flailing his arms in the background? Panicking as usual! Sometimes I think he’s the most sensible character in the film! He has a nose for danger.

Threepio urging Luke to stick with the Mos Eisley plan?


Text Notes

“It’s what’s left of a Jawa Sandcrawler!”

What a daft line. You could put that in as a piece of explanatory text (or whatever the term is) but to have a character say it just looks odd. And not just because old Ben undoubtedly knows what a Sandcrawler is: even a trashed, burnt-out one.

It reminds me the archetypal TV ad actor, “Darling – have you seen my Black and Decker triple-hammer-action combination drill and screwdriver with long-life battery pack and handy carrying case?”

Well, for once, I’m glad to say that it’s not my fault! I copied italmost word-for-word from the Marvel comic.

Better pickings to come, this Friday!