c.1982/83? | age 14? The drawing’s pretty good in this one—especially in the bottom panel. My God, it’s almost like… a photograph!

I don’t know why, but for some reason I always liked Howard Chaykin’s image of Luke’s fist scrubbing the muck off the door plate. There’s a tangible real-life quality to it. I also like the toughness of the gesture: a quick single scrub. Better than a finger-tip inside a spit-moistened hankie. I know, I’m odd.

marvel comic luke scrtaping off muck

Howard Chaykin/Marvel 1977

Art Notes

Lots of pasted-in images in this one. You’d wonder why someone who loved drawing so much would do this wouldn’t you? I’ve said it before, I think it was just a love of the photographic imagery and a wish to make it all seem even closer to the film itself. I must have had spare/duplicate trading cards (top-right) and the black and white image at the bottom would’ve been a prize catch from a newspaper or someplace. Not, I hope, cut from one of the comics! It also turns the comic into a bit of a scrap-book at times, which is charming too.

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(wriitten in Aug 2011) Just another plea to you folks to give feedback when you can. My free time’s going to be scarce once I start the new job next week so, much as I love working on SWa9 I might have to cut-back on updates. I can’t even begin to guess how many thousand hours I must have spent on it by now, for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’m a bit crazy I think.

mark hamill on twitter

“I love it!” Even Mark Hamill’s had a read

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My Appreciation for You

“And it’s still fun the second time around, at a more leisurely pace!”
–Steve Sansweet on SWa9

steve sansweet and John White, of star wars age 9 comic

Steve Sansweet (L) and me (R) in Easter 2011

(wriitten in Aug 2011) Finally, I appreciate those of you who’ve stuck by the site, commented, clicked those ‘Like’ links and suggested the site to friends. Special thanks go to Neil Baker: because of him, official Star Wars follows SWa9 on Facebook and Twitter, and Mark Hamill himself «even enjoyed a read! Neil saw a limited opportunity to tweet Mark and used it to tell him about SWa9! Incredible! «Steve Sansweet couldn’t get enough of the 34 year old comic when I met him early this year (though you have to be nice to the fans eh?).
Hello, Mark and Steve – are you still getting your 3 times weekly doses of SWa9?