And with a Karate cry – Artoo gets zapped by a Jawa! More patented «Smudged-Felt-Tip-Pen-and-Spit SFX, and the judicial use of stuck-in «collectible bubble gum cards.

For ease of pronunciation and memorisation, let’s from now on, call it: SFTPaS-SFX. There: simple.

Art Notes


jawa and artoo comic page detail

See the glued-in Star Wars trading card?

It’s gas – I was thinking how much I like the way Artoo leans back in the first panel. Recoiling in fear? Or is he just looking up? He sort of distorts, much in the way he does in the animated sequence of the (dreadful) 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. Threepio and Artoo did lots of what animators call ‘Squash and Stretch’ in that one. That technique doesn’t exactly work too well on hard, stiff metallic robot characters. Well, not unless they’re made of some sort of flexible but bomb-proof metal that Tony Stark manufactures. But that’s just far-fetched. Silly. Incidentally, that made-for-TV monstrosity has been dubbed “the worst two hours of television ever.”

artoo animated in the holiday special

The best bit of the infamous 1978 Holiday Special

But do you know what’s really going on compositionally? I reckon the card was stuck in, the picture was drawn around it to match-up and Artoo was sort of slipped into the corner; and made to lean back in order to fit. At least that’s my theory.

Check out that aforementioned SPTaF-sX technique with added green highlighter pen! To find out how you too can get results like these: <please visit the tutorial of some months past, for that very memorable STaSf-QZy technique.

artoo zppaed by jawas comic page detail


Read the Parody – watch the original

BlueMilkSpecial did a parody of the Holiday Special recently in comic strip form and I really enjoyed their take on the animated segment of it (which introduced Boba Fett to the world). Why not visit – enjoy – and post your comments. You can also view the animated segment of the Special there too! (Parental Guidance is advised!)

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↓ Transcript
(Partially drawn, partially a glued-in Star Wars trading card)
The Jawas reveal themselves from behind their rock, an prepare to fire at Artoo Detoo, who leans back, perhaps in fright.

One of the Jawas fires his blaster at R2-D2!
"Haaiieee!" the Jawa screeches.

(small inset) PANEL 3
Artoo Detoo is lit up by a blue electrical light, sparks all around him