What the..?

You might need to read this page a few times to get what the hell is going on!

Hardly anyone (out of the entire population of the internet) ever looks at this site. It’s not quite the phenomenon it might have been, so I’m pretty much doing it for my own amusement! You see it’s one of my favourite personal projects ever. One of my happy places. Still, I do have to keep my tiny but very loyal readership in mind. You’re very much appreciated, you know? So…

Monday’s commentary – as Neil Baker said in his comment – was long, especially for a simple 2 panel page, so today I’ll attempt brevity!


Script Notes: “Yikes!”

Hmmm. ‘Don’t recall that bit…


If you’re puzzled by Solo‘s line “I DON’T BELIEVE IT” and the weird exchange of looks between Ben and Luke; don’t worry, so was I. Is Han pissed-off with them already? It was only when I reached the end of the page that I ‘got it’.

And well done Mr. Solo – for spilling the beans. Telling them where to meet – right in front of the trooper! Didn’t Ben say they’d like to avoid any “Imperial entanglements”?


I like the way people seem to play musical chairs!

Wookies might be force-sensitive, according to Ben but Chewie forgoes any Wookie-Jedi Mind Control tricks for a simple mouthfull of teeth and a “GARR!” Does the job just as well.

Stormtroopers. Useless. Now why wasn’t THAT in the film? Oh yeah… that’s why.


Film Notes

I still enjoy the suspense, when the troopers are directed to the booth by Wuher; and I wonder how on earth Ben and Luke will slip away unnoticed before they arrive. It’s a really basic movie-making technique – but it works. Well, it’s easy when you know how.

Episode 7!

Speaking of Films. There’s a big one coming! In just over 1 day’s time, Johnny, my wife Gabby and I will be sat in the cinema for ‘The Force Awakens‘ – Episode 7! I can’t believe it!

Early indications are good for this film. Positive review-snippets and star-ratings and comments – but I’m trying and trying to avoid spoilers! I haven’t read or seen or listened to any actual reviews myself yet. Roll on tomorrow night, 9pm!