early 1978? | 9/10 years old It’s a multi-coloured one today, readers. And with a special guest star!

Name that Actor!

Once again rivaling Lon Chaney Sr. as the Man of a Thousand Faces, Luke reminds me of some old Hollywood comedy character actor; but I can’t place him. He might have acted in westerns or screwball things like It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, World or Disney films like Cat from outer Space or Herbie. 1960’s. Anyway: mature, handlebar-moustached, chin-dimpled, gravelly voiced, and he possibly smoked cigars. I can imagine him being a rich business tycoon—or car manufacturer, trying to stop Herbie doing something or other…

Wynn Wynn!

UPDATE: I found him! The late Keanan Wynn (1916 – 1986)

keanan wynn

You didn’t know that he was in Star Wars, did you? Well, don’t feel bad. Neither did I, or maybe I did when I was 9 or 10, and forgot.

But Keanan, wherever you are now: we salute you!—for your role in Star Wars, as understudy/stunt-double for Mark Hamill.

Art Notes

The colour is pretty wild in this page. Previously I’ve mentioned how as a kid, I’d work my way through a pack of felt-tip marker pens from black (my favourite) down through the greys, blues, greens and finally whatever else was left with ink in it!

And I must have been pretty desperate this time! Check out that magenta-pink Stormtrooper! But I wonder why I didn’t just use a biro? Something tells me that I might have been going through a phase of enjoying drawing with a marker, with it’s more expressive thick and thin line stroke possibilities. But I’m only speculating. It was a very long time ago—c.1978!