Dead rebel soldier in this kid's Star Wars comic of 1977

So: this is where the other Star Wars comic adaptation of 1977 begins! And it’s like no other. Chapter 1:

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  • Learn how 9 year olds – despite being prevented from watching slasher movies – are probably the people best qualified to make them »!
  • See how sarcastic a shipload of camp rebel hairdressers» can be when placed in a tight and perilous situation.
  • Improve your word-power and add some fascinating new words to your vocabulary »
  • See how the famous Flash Gordon-style scroller » doesn’t make for a particularly exciting visual introduction to a comic. Especially when done badly.
  • Marvel at how even in comics, a SHURE SM55 microphone » can serve perfectly well as a spaceship after only seeing the actual film once. A tribute to the Blakes 7 model department?
  • Be amazed at the felt-tip pen and smudged spit technique » of airbrushed special effects emulation. That’s copyrighted and Trademarked incidentally. (In the best Star Wars tradition of sticking TMs on everything).
  • See how Princess Leia was really just far too dainty in the Lucas version. A well-aimed gob of spit » would have worked so well.
  • Plenty of great anatomy lessons for beginners ». So, biros and paper at the ready kids! If, that is: you really want to do anatomical drawings like beginners.
  • Learn how sticking-in photo stills » from the film can save you a LOT of drawing work. (but can also ruin all those collectable bubble-gum cards).
  • See some ambiguous-looking lovemaking. Just who is Luke kissing »?
  • All will be revealed, in the version you’ve been bloody-well gagging for since 1977. Popcorn ready? Let’s go

Read Part 1

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Escape Pod being destroyed in this kid's Star Wars comic of 1977