c.1980-1981 | age 12-13 Camp dialogue, “Oh, we’ll prepare alright”. Is it a ship full of sarcastic rebel hairdressers perhaps?“Curlers at the ready, girls!”

For some reason this reminds me of Monty Python’s Everest Expedition sketch from the ’70s. The expedition is manned by camp male hairdressers! In the briefing room, the late Graham Chapman taps the map of Everest with his pointer stick; the various stages are marked out

“First, we’ll set up Base-Salon… here.”

[I’m really just too desperate to extrapolate this out to something completely unrelated, for comedy purposes…]

Art Notes

everest tits monty python

“The mountain with the biggest  tits in the world” (Monty Python)


These sort of pages don’t do a lot for me I’m afraid. This was me trying to be a proper comic artist. Now, to be honest, I was trying to do that even on the really < early stuff —but there’s a definite self-consciousness here. Almost as if I believed it was publication quality. It’s the innocent naïveté of the juvenile, crappier stuff that makes it so nice—and funny.

Art & Sex

With me again? Good. What I do like about these pages is the attempt to inject a bit of colour. I really do feel that boys are less interested in colour than girls. Girls are very—sort of, inner-expressive in their art I think, and colour is very attractive to them as a way of not just prettifying their work but to make it express their feelings.

Boys on their other hand, seem to be more eager to demonstrate the outline of the thing: with line only. I think males feel that they must get an idea across efficiently and perhaps—taken further – more accurately. The urge toward ‘correct’, realistic depiction of a thing can be what people often call anally-retentive. Little do boys know, much of the time, that the world of things does not consist of outlines. Girls when depicting things and ideas seem more open to and willing express and depict them via tone and colour. Now go and write me a 10 page essay for Monday.

Not a very funny page today is it? Never mind, I’ll leave you with a Youtube link to that Python clip!

everest summit monthy python

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↓ Transcript
This comic page was drawn in blue biro pen and coloured with felt-tip pens/markers. Space is left as white.

Panel 1:

Princess Leia's ship, the Tantive 4 is seen against Tatooine and the twin suns. Its captain is still pleading with the Imperial Star Destroyer: "Devastator cease your fire, we are on a diplomatic mission!" and "We must not be delayed!"

Panel 2

The Imperial ship comes in formt eh top of the panel and responds, "No, you will stop and prepare for a boarding party..."

The Tantive 4 appears to 'think' - but it must be its crafty Captain, "Oh, we'll prepare alright."