She's Rich... (10)

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Luke tries to persuade Han to rescue the princess - comic panels

Script Notes : Chivalry (For a Price)

lion tamer

"Chewie! I told you: I think I know what he... er, HAD in mind."

I love these scenes in the movie. So funny. But the best line has been left out in this version: Solo's response to Luke saying 'Well, more wealth than you can imagine.'. He replies: "I don't know... I can IMAGINE quite a bit!" Here's 9/10 year old John's version from 1978:

Luke: The're going to execute her soon!
Han: Thats her problem
Luke: I've seen her solo she's beautifull!
Han: So's life so's huh rich...
Luke: The reward will be more than you can imagi
             - ne!
Han: Im going

Art Notes

The blue biro here was added later. What a confusion of speech bubbles!

luke looking like kirk douglas

I like Luke's side profile in this, very Kirk Douglas heroic. What do you think of Han's bouffant hairdo? - and his thumb-up when he says "I'm going".

Film Notes

Do you ever wonder if George should learn from his older character-based work in which the actors took a freer rein; and perhaps make a small, low-budget movie. Something simple. No action, no CGI, no space, no military, no shooting or explosions. Could be just an ordinary family story - on earth - present day. Mundane stuff. He could even use - no, collaborate with - some of the actors he's previously worked with. The GOOD ones. Are you expecting a punchline now? I'm serious.

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# RE: She's Rich... (10)T.Gatto 2011-05-20 18:56
Obviously you had some talent back in the days when you drew these, and (from your recent work) you certainly know which end of the pencil to draw with now.

How much formal training have you had, and how much do you doodle now? Or is it just work anymore?

I have always been able to think 3-dimensionally . I was good at Geometry and mechanical drawing in school, and have always kit bashed my own models out of just about anything. I have never, however, considered myself to be a good sketcher. I'm always impressed, and fascinated, when an artist can pick something out of the air, and reproduce it on paper.

Reference your motivational poster; someone should make one with the same theme for a Rancor Keeper.
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# RE: RE: She's Rich... (10)john i white 2011-05-20 20:02
Hiya Tom,
Thanks! Well, I was drawing as long as I can remember being me. I think my son is ahead of me though for his age.

I had no art class in school from 1977 onward, because we moved to Ireland - zero priority here then. I went to art college in 1985. But even by then, I was so uncultured and artistically narrow-minded from living in a country village in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and with parents uninterested in most cultural pursuits. Therefore, I gained little from early art college to be honest. Stuck in my ways, opinionated and knowing nothing.

If you want to start drawing, I'd recommend Betty Edwards' book 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' and then going to Life Drawing classes. You'll definitely see results!

I should put in a note that I just plucked the lion pic from another site. Seemed appropriate!
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# RE: She's Rich... (10)Neil 2011-05-21 02:35
Actually, I think I like Han's "I'm going." line better than the original. It's like he doesn't even beat around the bush - she's rich - Ok, sign me up.
Kirk Douglas with a Glasgow Smile...!
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# RE: RE: She's Rich... (10)john i white 2011-05-21 19:26
Yes - it does look lke a scar alright! I'm amazed at how well the hair looks.
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# RE: She's Rich... (10)Dan P 2011-05-21 17:20
Well, that's weird... I was going to respond to your idea of George directing something small and character based... I was going to reference Radioland Murders, which I thought he made a decent stab of directing, but checking IMDB shows that Mel Smith directed that...

I was also going to mention (Less favourably) Howard: A New Breed of Hero, but IMDB tells me he only Exec Produced that too...
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# RE: RE: She's Rich... (10)john i white 2011-05-21 19:31
Howard the Duck Dan? Never saw it but I liked the two comics that I had. Gene Colan did great artwork on it.

Yes, I think George should try to return to his rebellious, indie roots - just once. As an exercise for himself. See if he can cast great people like Carrie Fisher. Small, small. Think Woodie Allen or something. Could be a family reunion - funeral or something. Then when he gets his Oscar he can quite rightfully tell us to all eff off.
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