Tantive IV Pursued! (2)

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Tantive IV Pursued! (2)

The Tantive 4 pursued by the imperial devastator over tatooine - comic panel

Special Edition!

I love the 'John White Presents' bit. I really should have put this page up earlier in the sequence.

Art Notes

blakes 7 ship

Our dog Polly preferred Star Wars to Blake's 7 - it seems. Nicely chewed-up back in 1977.


Howard Chaykin's Hyperspace (Marvel Comic)

The childishness of the drawings is charming. The early version art was obviously just based on a single viewing of the film and maybe Star Wars Weekly Comic No#3 - which'd place this in early 1978. Lacking any other visual references, I basically had to try to remember what the ships looked like: hence the peculiar appearance of the rebel craft. Microphonic! - like a Shure SM 58; or a backwards Blake's 7 ship (This one's for you Rod).

The clue that this was done after I saw the comic, is in the positive/negative banded hyperspace effect which came from Marvel. When Howard Chaykin depicted the Millennium Falcon in hyperspace, Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic team still hadn't tackled how the heck they'd depict it themselves! So Chaykin had to get creative and obviously his early take on it was good enough for me. It's funny how quickly you get used to leaving the blackness of space as white isn't it?

Last year, someone on Flickr saw this image and said "The Imperial Empire - I love it!" I stopped and wondered what was so funny about it. When I was in school we called Tie Fighters T.I.E. fighters. My friend Niall - who you'll hear more about - suggested that it stood for "The Imperial Empire" or 'twin ion engine' - you could take your pick. Sounded plausible. Because I was only 9 or 10, I didn't realise that this was a bit like saying "Your High Highness" or "Princely Prince" or "Stinky Stink". And just as I got used to the whiteness of space - it also never occurred to me how silly "The Imperial Empire" is. When Mike McGinnis made his remark about its silliness 30+ years later he gave me a good laugh at myself!

vote for SW9!


# candace white 2010-06-02 20:24
Ah it's brilliant, so full of energy and enthusiasm!
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# John White 2010-06-02 21:16
The older stuff is my favourite!
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# Blue Milk 2010-06-02 20:46
The Imperial Empire! I love it! And the logic explaining where that came from is great too. An alternative TIE acronym! I do like your High Highness. I will have Han Solo use that when he mocks Leia at the next opportunity in BMS. See, SWA9 really is inspirational!

Oh, and funny about the Liberator. I used to have that old Corgi diecast toy thing too. I still do somewhere. The paint started flaking off at some point so I did what any proactive child would do and used White-Out (whatever you call the equivalent in Ireland / UK) and painted over it. The result was a blotchy thick paint job that makes it look like the toy was badly sculpted. Sigh...
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# John White 2010-06-02 21:24
Ah, but the memories Rod, the memories! You know, I'm going to post some of my old Star Wars toys and debris soon - just to show what I did to them.

The true 'collectors' out there will grieve...
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# Blue Milk 2010-06-09 14:06
What are those those things on the end of each wing? Additional thrusters? Really big cannons? Just curious.
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# John White 2010-06-09 14:25
God only knows. Perhaps inspired by the under-wing canons on my Airfix Hawker Harrier Jump-jet? Look a bit like bombs but with loads of holes in them. Whatever they were, it looks as if the 'design' changed during execution.
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# RE: Tantive IV Pursued! (2)Rob 2011-11-29 15:14
This reminds me of something I thought of while rereading the Marvel SW recently -- the ships, guns, robots, etc. all looked a bit off-model, but back in 1977 we didn't have the Internet with it's plethora of images. We had the photos in the paperback, the pictures in the album sleeve, the gum cards, etc. but that's about it. Oh, there was the "Star Wars Blueprints" book if you had money, but it's not like now, when I can download a set of 3D images of variant Y-Wing configurations.

So anyway, long story short, love the art and the story-telling here. Thanks for sharing them.
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# RE: RE: Tantive IV Pursued! (2)john i. white 2011-11-29 20:49
Hiya Rob,
Thanks for dropping by - and leaving the message.

Yes, even Howard Chaykin couldn't get photographic references for a lot of the stuff he was drawing. Apparently there wasn't even a rough-cut of the film when he started. Here's a a great illuminating article:

Hope you keep enjoying the rest of the book - you've a big read ahead of you. It's nearly ended now but 'ALIEN age 11' is coming!
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