luke with macrobinoculars“I KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW YOU MANIAC” An odd line this. I’ve wondered where did I get it from? Well, imagine my surprise as I listened to Episode 1 of the 1981 Radio Adaptation the other night – and there it was: 30 years later! “So THAT was it!”. It’s the deleted ‘Treadwell scene’. “I know you don’t know—you maniac!”

This page contains one of those ‘what-if’ scenes.

Film Notes

The Deleted Treadwell Scene’

luke and treadwellWhen Howard Chaykin was in such a hurry to get Issue#1 of the Star Wars comic adaptation illustrated for Marvel, the scene of Luke shown here was still—presumably—intended for inclusion in the film. But none of the final versions have ever shown this scene—or the other Tatooine scene with his friend Biggs. George felt (or someone else must have argued) that they slowed the film down.

It was probably the right decision. But it’s amazing when you consider how the Prequel Trilogy films drag at times: why didn’t they get that same much-needed ruthless editing?

Poor Garrick

But what’s done is done. Instead, we meet Luke when the Jawas arrive at the farm; and very effective it is too. I suppose fans will always mourn any footage that was ditched from the most influential film of the last 30 years—but then again, the restored Jabba/Solo scene wasn’t very successful was it? My ideal fantasy compromise would be the original theatrical version (cleaned-up and remastered of course) and the restored-everything-back-in version for fun. Then: ahem, bin all of the others. I asked Garrick Hagon (Biggs) himself about this once, and he too—unsurprisingly—was all for an expanded cut. Well, why wouldn’t he? (More on that encounter on a later Blog post)

It’s funny, even with the scenes removed, the early part of the film is actually still a bit slow by today’s standards! George admits this himself. Not that I’m complaining: most of today’s films are a stupid blur of effects, noises and nonsense with no character development.

Art Notes: Luke ‘Obserbves’

“I know you don’t know, you maniac!”

Much of this is lifted from Chaykin’s self-inked Marvel issue#1. Hence: 3P0‘s odd appearance, the more mature look of panel 2, and the exciting wide bottom panel.

luke scene in Chaykin's marvel version

One of Marvel’s extra scenes. Art: H.Chaykin

Chaykin’s inking in Issue#1 was odd. Messy, rushed—but very expressive. It really does have a brush-stroke feel to it. But back then, without DVDs or even video tape and years to wait until seeing the film again; what I wanted was an accuraterealistic rendering—which is what I got with the ‘Empire‘ adaptation. But nowadays – it’s nice to see a different take on something so familiar and instantly accessible.

Incidentally, here’s that lost footage.

luke deleted scene you tube

Next: We meet the man who literally murdered Luke’ father

↓ Transcript
Much of this page is copied from Howard Chaykin's MARVEL comic version.

Threepio and Artoo are in the corridor of the Tantive IV, amidst the battle. A laser bolt shoots by, behind them.
"Don't expect me to thank you!" says C-3PO, "I should have known better than to trust the logic of a half-sized thermo capsulary de-housing assister!"

(Below, on the death-white wasteland which is the planet Tatooine) we see Luke Skywalker by his landspeeder, peering at the sky...
(A bright sparkle in the morning sky catches a watchful eye--)

(--Luke Skywalker's)
"What that?" asks Luke of his Treadwell droid.
"Ploop roobee" it responds.

"I know you don't know, you maniac!" shouts Luke, and then, "Treadwell, get my Macrobinoculars."

Luke leaps into his Landspeeder.
(He observes it for a moment, then leaps into his landspeeder—and aims it towards Anchorhead.