Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Rookie comic artist mistake!

Art Notes

Annoying Leia

Leia. Still being annoying.

Maybe they did throw Leia out the airlock!

On this page I was really really really trying to be as good as Marvel artist Al Williamson—by copying, of course! I re-purposed the image as usual though, rearranging the scenes and panels and dialogue to fit my own creative whims.

The rookie mistake mentioned above is basically one of putting 2 similar panels (very similar in this instance!) close together on the same page. I’m actually surprised that I could be bothered drawing almost the same thing twice. Unless I was trying hard to replicate the cinema experience?

The weird thing here is that after Leia blurts that question to an already pressured and stressed Solo, she disappears!—to be replaced by Threepio. Is there an interval of a minute or two between the panels? An interval, during which Han tells Chewie to throw Leia off the ship?

If so, Threepio, who unlike Leia is offering some well-intended—and good—information, but who is annoying Solo no end, could be the next one going for a space walk.

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