Colonel Gaderafii Sticks

It’s just one of the versions of that moniker that I often used. Gaffi – Gader-fii, Gader-afi, Gaddafi…

Creative Lettering

“AAAA EEEEEEEEEE” It flows from Luke – top-left – across the assailant and down the page as it all goes comical-looking when Luke and Threepio fall off a cliff. Or something.

The Gaderfii of the Sand People is a formidable weapon

Art Notes

Late 1978 I would guess. So I was 9 or 10. The bottom left panel is clearly too good to  be of my own invention – so yes, It’s from the Marvel comic. In fact I’d say it was transferred viacarbon paper just as the « Mechanically Recovered, Shredded Rebel artwork was and then traced over

the tusken raider shatters luke's rifle - comic page detail

(Literally) Carbon-copied from Howard Chaykin’s version

Actually I’m going to spill my guts here. Back in primary school I spoofed poor Niall F – my desk-mate and best friend incidentally – that I had a printing machine at home. Oh yes, I said, my dad has one of those from his work. And

“Yes, I did draw that brilliant picture of Chewbacca (which looks a million times better than anything I ever draw when you’re watching).”

“It looks funny like that because it was printed from my drawing with the printer thingy.”

Actually, I’m joking a bit: I was only spoofing Niall that I could copy and print from the Marvel comic – like with one of those new fangled photocopiers. Now, Niall seemed to believe this but he was always very clever so perhaps he was just humouring me? I told my mum about this and she said:

“You shouldn’t tell him that – it’s not true and it’s not fair to make someone feel jealous.”

8mm star wars film

From, Star Wars Weekly Comic. (View the full ad)

The other part of this story though, is that Niall said that he had a cine-camera and projector at home. This made me very envious indeed! Especially considering that Star Wars Weekly comic was advertising an 8mm, 8 minute B&W edit of the film that you could *gasp* show in your own home! I can’t tell you the tingles of excitement this caused every time I imagined this possibility. “So that’s STAR WARS – the actual STAR WARS showing in my house, day or night, any time I want it.” I pestered my mum and dad over this. This was before home video – never mind DVDs and Youtube. Can you imagine it? BLIMEY! Pleasure overload – to quote Bart Simpson. But no, I wasn’t one of those kids who got everything I asked for. Thank goodness.

I was just now flipping through the comics trying to find the ad and I noticed some pale patches on the artwork. I’m reminded that we used to press Blu-Tack onto them to get a reverse impression of the artwork. I really made a mess of those (collectible) comics. Bits cut out, bits coloured-in, posters removed and put on the wall… sigh.

Film Notes

Chaykin’s original version of my copied image was terrific. The rifle shattering – Luke’s clenched teeth. More violent than the film itself.

peter diamond

Stunt expert, the late Peter Diamond receiving his honorary 501st Legion member award.

Ironically, shooting the scene was extremely dangerous. The late Peter Diamond – who wore the Tusken Raider costume – recalls that he couldn’t see anything during the scene as he lashed out at Mark Hamill. So when you see Hamill rolling rolling about trying to dodge those Colonel Gaddafi Stick blows: it’s for real.

↓ Transcript
(Close-up of Luke's face)
Luke is startled and cries out, "Aaaaaaaa..."

A Tusken Raider swings his Gaffi Stick!

(Head and shoulder shot with close-up of Raiders hands)
Luke raises his rifle to protect himself, but the Sand Person's Gaffi Stick smashes it to pieces.
'The Gaderfii of the Sand People is a formidable weapon'

'SCLAT!' goes the stick, and Luke and See Threepio fall backwards off the edge of the cliff. "EEEeee..."