One year on!

c.1982/1983? | age 14? I’m creating and publishing today’s page on the move (written in 2013?). Gabby’s in the driving seat as we head down through Ireland to Baltimore, County Cork. Amazing to think that I was «working on this site last year in the same holiday bungalow. It’s taken a year to get to here? Does it feel like it to you?

It was taking minutes for pages to load as we were in a a remote country location/internet black spot. Excruciating process. This year I’ve done a lot of preparation in advance. So I can hit a link, walk off and pour a glass of wine, come back and copy and paste the content into the online system. That’s the hope!

For the next two weeks please forgive me if the content lacks many graphics or captioned screen shots from the film (I love doing those). I can always revisit when I get back to the big smoke and put some in then.

c.1982/83 artwork: but it could be worse?

I must have got a brand new rainbow pack of felt-tip pens for Christmas or a birthday because here, I’m working with the black. Like I said before, they were the first to get used, then greys, blues even greens, then back to biros. What I would have loved to get from dad’s work stationery cupboard where some fine line felt-tip pens like those stripey Eddings. Perhaps I’d never heard of them. When I got a fine Rotring Rapidograph pen for my birthday, I felt very professional—but nowadays they seem positively anti-art. Rapidograph. I can’t think of a less apt name for it. Teenagers would do silly images made of fine dots with them. Dot—dot—dot—dot… I later discovered that Archaeologists draw stuff this way too, as standard. To steal a line from my brother-in-law when he was describing painting pebble-dashed houses: “It’s great for developing your stabbing reflex.”

The Anally-Retentive Rapidograph as used by non-artists

Unusual actual use of colour here! Pity I couldn’t be arsed going full colour. Han in panel 2 reminds me of Marvel’s grown-up EPIC magazine. Their attempt at emulating HEAVYMETAL magazine.

I had one copy that I read and re-read. Pretty violent and gory stuff!

Film – er, stuff

Check out the Dia Noga creature. Ever wonder where that name came from? Perhaps our Neil Baker hit on it the other day in his comment when remarking on all the DiaGonal lines in «that page’s artwork! Could be worse – Nute Gunray anyone?