c.1982/83 | age 14/15? Impulsive Luke gets a little cooked and his stickers fall off.

Luke Skywalker in a fireball above the death star star wars comic image detail

Something’s cookin’. Oh, it’s Luke!

Gnat vs Elephant

Pretty awesome page from around 1982 or ’83 even if I do say so myself. And look, the stickers are even peeling off Luke’s X-Wing Fighter!

“Hey! My stickers! Somebody get on the phone to LETRASET!”
(Or was it Kalkitos?—or Uncle Remus?)
“So, Luke: did you rub the transfers on with a suitable implement—or did you just rush in and use your fingernail?
“Well… I, uh…”
“Ok, I get it: you were on the bus, coming home from school, and you just couldn’t wait.
“You see? It wasn’t worth it – was it?”
“I guess I was – kinda – impatient. Impulsive”
“And the other kids made fun of you. No way should you be flying an X-Wing.”

Letraset star wars rub-on transfer set

Those were the days… Did you do it properly—or did you just use yer finger-nail?

Art Notes

Thanks to pal Damien Slattery for mentioning those transfer packs over on Facebook, and pal Phil Heeks for the link.

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing in a fireball above the death star star wars comic image detail

Welcome to Hell, Luke!

Yep, Luke’s impulsive. In the film, he dashes in and starts blasting at the behemoth Death Star with his teeny little guns, “I’m going to get there first. Hey everyone, watch this!” —annnd almost destroys himself. In SWa9 his impulsiveness is delayed for a few minutes—for some reason. Perhaps the point was lost on me. Very likely.

Panel 2 of this page owes a lot to Howard Chaykin’s version of SWa9, with Luke’s cockpit ablaze with fiery colours. And the “Terrors of Hell” bit is from Roy Thomas’ terrific Marvel script.

. . .

Script Notes: Hell?

Have any of you SW Expanded Universe experts out there ever seen a reference to Hell—or an equivalent in Star Wars? I recall Han Solo saying “I’ll see you in Hell” in The Empire Strikes Back, but that’s it. I mean, what happens after a bad person – or even a bad Jedi/Sith Lord dies? It seems like something that could add a lot to Star Wars. Human beings certainly seem to respond to questions concerning the afterlife; and the possibility that you might suffer for your actions in this life.

Do dead evil Sith Lords just become part of an energy field, or do they prod bad people with a 3 pronged lightsaber for eternity in Force-Hell?

. . .

Is anyone out there actually reading any of this stuff? If you are, please let me know 😉