The Wookie’s certainly gracious in Victory isn’t he? (if only there was a text-format for sarcasm) Pffft…. I bet he dives in the Penalty Area too.

“I suggest a –– new stragedy (sic) Artoo let the wookiee win.”
–Star Wars age 9

We’ve been given another wonderful life-lesson today—worthy of sitting alongside those previously «offered by Ben Kenobi. This time it’s given by Chewbacca: Winning isn’t everything.

That’s good of him—isn’t it?

Granted, it’s not exactly a Kasparov-worthy solution by Threepio, but winning isn’t everything, especially when one’s limbs are at stake. And yes, I was really struggling with my spelling here. Still in primary school, you see?

Art Notes

Another funny little Han

Another funny little Han

It’s a nice opening panel, but with a weird arrangement of figures. Perspective doesn’t exist in this 9 or 10 year old’s universe!

Chewie is just way too close to Artoo. I’ve heard of invasion of one’s personal space, but do you think Artoo should give Chewie a kick? “Get off me… you filthy mutt!”

You know, I had to be a grown-up to think of that one. There’s a lot to be said for the innocence of youth isn’t there?

↓ Transcript
(Here's a transcript of this page from the Star Wars comic book adaptation )

Aboard the Millennium Falcon, seated at the Dejarik table, Threepio is looking over at Han Solo, who is nodding at him, as if to say, "Go on—you know it's the right thing to do." Chewie already looks happy, confident that he's got his way.

Threepio emits an "Ulp" swallowing sound and advises Artoo, "I suggest a—"

(overhead shot of C-3PO, R2-D2 ad Chewbacca at the Dejarik game)
"—new strategy, Artoo: Let the Wookiee win."

Chewie is reclining in quiet satisfaction: one foot on the table and both hands behind his head.