Age 10/11, 1979/1980? It’s the (dubious) bonus JABBA Arrival poster—on the back of the Disco Force comic

Yep, it’s the back cover, and the end of the worst Star Wars comic ever made since Jaxxon the giant space-rabbit appeared in Marvel’s Star Wars comics.

I was kind of a fan of ABBA at this age, but then, I didn’t know much about pop music. I wasn’t even that interested until I went to secondary school and saw how important pop music was when it came to ‘fitting in.’ ABBA were swiftly replaced by The Police and then Adam and the Ants.

JABBA—the line-up

jabba the band arrival poster

Left to Right: Denny (Benny Andersson), Mana (Agnetha Faltskog), Fatso (Anni-Frid Lyngstad/Frida), Bjorg (Bjorn Ulvaeus)

As a boy, I fancied blonde Agnetha more. Maybe it was a 70s thing, but I always preferred blondes! Farrah Fawcett was was my fave. Even more so, after she married The Six Million Dollar Man. That’s 9 year olds for you. The funny thing is, as got older I felt that brunette Frida was the better looking one, not Agnetha!

Maybe there’s a clue to my later preference: Frida is the only human looking one. I didn’t bother to make her look hideous.

So What’s Next for SWa9?

‘Disco Force’ has ended. It was mercifully short. Will I publish ‘The Empire Strikes’?  That’s the sequel to ‘Star Wars’ that I made up, before the movie Empire Strikes Back came out. At the risk of scraping the bottom of the barrel even more, maybe I will anyway.

Thanks for reading—John

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