“..he’s me!”

I’m not keen on this page which might be from 1980 or even later, 1982? It’s very difficult to tell.

The following pages of Luke in Ben’s house drag a bit with multiple versions of the scene, so I might post 2 pages a day for a bit.

Art Notes

I really don’t like this page at all. When I started thinking I could do real professional quality comic art I was getting into dodgy territory! The two semi-circles at the top are probably supposed to be the Twin Suns of Tatooine. Crude, or what?


It’s a bit boring doing two panels that look almost the same. It can work in some moment-to-moment transitions – but not done like this. What a waste of a half page.


The medium here seems to be black felt-tip pen. My favourite. In the bottom panel the ink’s getting a bit dry so I’d be considering downgrading to the next darkest grey or blue in the pack. My idea of heaven as a kid would probably have been: a huge box full of thin black markers and an infinite supply of white A4 copier paper. Imagine living next door to the Caran Dache factory on one side and a paper mill on the other? With secret Shawshank-Style tunnels bored through behind the Star Wars posters.

Text Notes

Luke and Ben dragged Threepio back to Ben’s (…) He had a torn-off arm.

Much of this is from the 1977 novel, evidenced by the “blind Jawa” bit. Poor Threepio though. Is this droid-abuse?

Twin Suns

Speaking of Twin Suns of Tatooine, perhaps we’ll end today’s edition with Jeremy Messersmith’s charming song with it’s lovely 2D cut-out animated video by Eric Power.

‘Tatooine’ by Jeremy Messersmith
Animated/Directed by Eric Power

↓ Transcript
(2-shot, head and shoulders in the Jundland wastes of Tatooine)
"Now Luke, what are you doing here?" Ben asks Luke.
"Well, I was looking for this little guy. Says he belongs to someone—I think he's dead—called Obi Wan kenobi."

"He's not dead—not yet—he's me!" says Ben. Luke is stunned.

'After laying a trail that a blind Jawa could follow, Luke and Ben dragged 3PO back to Ben's small but momey hovel.'

(2-shot, head and shoulders in the Jundland wastes of Tatooine))
(2-shot, head and shoulders in of Luke and Threepio in Ben's home)
'3PO had a torn-off arm—'
"There Threepio" says Luke.

(close-up, side-profile of Luke)
"Ben, were you a Jedi like my father?"
"Yes I was," Ben replies.