1983? | 15? Luke is still feeling sad, and being consoled by Leia who only a couple of hours ago saw her entire home planet and family « destroyed

Art Notes: Any Plans for the weekend?

Here’s one for the ladies. It’s just occurred to me that Luke looks as if he’s paying one of his twice daily visits to the hair salon. He’s even got a towel tucked in around his collar. Which oh so conveniently provides a link to…

shampoo movie poster

‘Shampoo’, 1975

Film Facts!

The backs of the 1977 trading cards had all sorts of exciting background info. All sorts. But there was one type that left me completely nonplussed and staring blankly. Stuff like: “Carrie Fisher, daughter of celebrity parents Debbie Reynolds(eh?) and Eddie Fisher (who?) She made her debut in the movie Shampoo (what?) with Warren Beatty” (no, not ringing any bells.) This was were my mum was helpful, because she knew about the Hollywood stars from reading women’s magazines.

In the comics and annuals, you’d also see pictures of Harrison Ford in a Cowboy hat, leaning against an old fashioned car—apparently from some movie called American Graffiti. I just didn’t really want to know about this stuff. It broke the spell. That magical spell which put all of these magical people in that magical place of magical Star Wars—and not any other dull and too familiar places. I didn’t want to see Han Solo looking ordinary, in a cowboy hat from Earth, leaning against a car, that also comes from Earth. Nor do I want to imagine Princess Leia in a film about an American hair salon! Dave Prowse being the Green Cross Code Man wasn’t quite so bad though. I mean, he was like a sort of Super Hero and we never saw Dave’s face in Star Wars anyway—so the spell remained unbroken in places.

Unfinished Page: Extra Content Today!

The next page in this comic book is an unfinished one, from the same period as the one here. As such, it doesn’t merit being given this Friday’s slot because that would be too disappointing. It’s only one panel—without any colour! So I’ll give you a look at it here and then upload it as a separate inbetween-page on Thursday. On Friday I’ll upload the page after that which is complete. So you can consider the image below as a slight (but dubious) bonus!

star wars comic page panel

The following partially completed page