c.1982/83? | age 13/14? BLAMMO! The Death Star goes Super-Freaking-Nova. I take no credit for the visuals in this, or half of the text—it was copied from Marvel. I did put in some stupid dialogue though 😀

So, I suppose that’s a kind of achievement.

Art Notes

The big Ka-blammo – at last!

It’s pretty clear that we’re near the end now readers (I hate it – I hate it!) – but I have other plans. I’m still seriously considering doing this all over again with the hundreds of other drawings that are in the attic. God, I’m nuts. That’ll be one hell of a project. (Maybe I should think more about actually earning a decent living…). Yep, retirement project methinks.


What the..? Solo seems the break some sort of wall here—into our own time and Galaxy. I’ve previously mentioned the occurrences of Hell and «Holy Shi- in the comic but Christ? Now, when I was growing up there was no really foul language in our house. Unless you count the occasional dog-fouling-the-lawn inspired exasperated yells of my dad: “Jesus Christ—there’s bloody shite all over the front lawn!” Shite? SHITE? Did dad really say that? Most unusual. Not today of course. Shite is pretty mild now. A bit like—but still worse than the Irish Feck as made globally popular and acceptable by Father Ted. Anyway, dad probably should say shite. After all, he is a Liverpudlian. Nay: he MUST. It is his duty as a Scouser.

Luke. Death. Meh…

Congratulations Luke, you just killed thousands of people and what’s that? You hear voices in your head? V o i c e s. And you’re getting pretty used to the death thing now right?

  • Uncle and aunt dead: sad for a few minutes.
  • Ben dead: sad for a bit then jubilant over killing off TIE fighters en route to Yavin (ergo: more killing was therapeutic!)
  • Death Star and its entire population dead: Whoo-hoo!

Ok, we’ll let you have the last one without judgement. It was mass murder, but they were very BAD people. And it was them or us right? Self-defence.

Do you know: that’s possibly the first occurrence of bullet-points on Star Wars age 9? It’s a good thing I didn’t think of doing that two years ago or the whole site might have ended up looking like a Powerpoint presentation.

. . .

Next Issue:

Total and utter daftness awaits you—until we reach the second last page of this epic.


marvel comic destruction of the death star

Exploding Death Star. Art by Howard Chaykin, script by Roy Thomas


As I said, this page is copied directly from Marvel’s version? Amazing but true. I copied them—not the other way around.

. . .