Aaaand… it’s the end of Pt.V, readers. Bye bye Tatooine! Thanks for reading, and for your comments. Comments keep the site alive! And I love reading them! That’s not to say I’m just fishing for compliments of course.

‘Tatooine’ by Jeremy Messersmith Animated/Directed by Eric Power

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Let’s end with a song (rocking from side-to-side in unison), seeing as Luke is leaving forever. Ah yes, “Twin Suns of Tatooine, ‘taught me everything I know…”

No truer or wiser words have ever been sung. Apart from the “Taught me everything I know” bit. Obviously.

↓ Transcript
This is the only panel, with no dialogue.

The Millennium Falcon blasts out of Mos Eisley from behind the wall of Docking Bay 94. A T.I.E. Fighter zig-zags behind it and one of the two Stormtroopers who watch it escape, desperately shoots at it with his blaster.

Beside the Vaporator, a Greedo species of alien and another furry type form the Cantina also look on.