Two pages for you today readers! No, not as a special treat – or even to make up for the recent hiatus.

I had a picture – from a newspaper or someplace – oh, nearly 3 decades ago – and I just had to use it. I must have thought

“I’ll glue it onto the back of one of my comic pages and it’ll add a bit of authenticity to it. It’ll be like my pal Niall’s STAR WARS STORYBOOK”.

Yes, the storybook, which I would have killed for. I probably… no I did!—lie awake at night thinking of it.

Anyway, as for this photo, it’s a very touching image of the two loveable droids isn’t it! There’s almost something even more poignant in that they’re lost in the desert—in an old battered black and white photo—in an old battered home-made comic, unseen by anyone but me and a couple of friends until 2 years ago.

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↓ Transcript
This isn't a proper comic page. It's the reverse of one of the comic pages. We see some boring photocopied work-stuff from a book about Industrial Engineering or Work Study or something.

Glued-in at the bottom is a news-clipping photo of See-Threepio and Artoo Detoo in the desert wastes of Tatooine.