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Force–Ghosty thing

It’s interesting isn’t it? Phil Custodio alluded in his comments to the previous page, that there might be a kind of ‘Last Jedi’ trick going on, in that Han can possibly see Ben Kenobi’s ghost. I’m also wondering if Ben has intentionally acted as a beacon of sorts, to guide Han to Luke. I mean, what are the odds that Han would have found Luke in a blizzard? Maybe Artoo can calculate it. 44162 to 1?

Never Tell Chewie the Odds—either

Threepio s doing his usual thing in my versions of Star Wars: prefixing nearly every sentence with “Oh..” or “Oh dear…” In this worrisome instance though, we can forgive him. What’s less easy to forgive is his clumsy effort to put Chewbacca’s mind at ease over his best friend, Han.

“Oh dear, they’ve closed the doors. But don’t worry Chewbacca—master Solo will make it”

So far so good Threepio, but then:

“The chances of survival are 44162 to 1, Artoo says.”

Agh! You twit! But then he backtracks a little:

“Oh dear, what did I say? Artoo has been known to be wrong.”

The way Anthony Daniels as Threepio does this scene in the film is wonderful. He skitters away after putting his foot in it, but after saying that Artoo has been known to get things wrong, there’s a lovely little moment when he adds, with a look sideways at Chewie, “from time to time.”

It’s also wonderful of course the way Chewie disconsolately rests his head against the Millennium Falcon, whimpering. Director Irwin Kershner loved that. Kirsch really encouraged the actors to get as much emotion and pathos into their scenes as they could.

I’d love to read your comments below! Do you too, love this scene with Chewie and Threepio?