Who needs speeches? Not SWa9 it seems. Han Solo loses all of his great lines in this page.

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons  are no substitute for a good blaster by your side kid” and “I’ve seen a lot of straaange things…” etc. I love that ‘strange things line actually. Like when Ben alluded to the ‘Clone Wars’ earlier, we were left wondering what it might have been like. It stimulated our off-screen imaginations and made the story expand beyond the movie itself.

But all we get here is
“Hocus pocus”

Han solo mocks the force

Han Solo’s academically acclaimed book: ‘The Jedi Delusion’

A pity. Though Harrison Ford might have preferred it that way in 1975. He famously complained to Lucas:

“You can type this stuff—but you can’t SAY it”.

Ford’s long line “I’ve seen a lot of strange things…” was one of the hardest for him to nail. Happily – he did.

Nah, don’t need that—or that…

So, lots of important Jedi theology is dumped; and that whole apparently boring coming out of hyperspace into “some kind of asteroid collision” bit is dropped too! How could I ditch a meteor shower for goodness sake? Sorry George, wee John knows best. “NAARG!”

BONUS: This is hilarious: Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail.

↓ Transcript
(Here's a transcript of this page from the Star Wars comic book adaptation )

Aboard the Millennium Falcon...

Ben has his eyes closed, thinking, feeling, "I felt... a sudden great ebbing in the force. The cry of a million beings... stopping all at once!"
"You mean," asks Luke, "the way the force is an energy given out by all living things?"
"Yes, it was a feeling of death!"

"Hocus pocus!" is Han Solo's only, scornful and bored reply. "Well, we're approaching Alderann."

"Don't eveyone thank me at once" continues Solo form out of shot. We see a close-up of Chewie. "NAARG" the Wookie growls, having spotted something.

Wide shot of the Falcon and TIE fighter in space.
"A T.I.E.? Don't be crazy!" shouts Solo, but then, "Hey, he's right."

Luke asks, "It followed us through hyper-space?"
"No Luke," says Ben, "it's a short-range fighter."