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Star Wars age 9: The Unintentionally Comic Adaptation of 1977

Tantive IV - Pursued! (2)

The Tantive 4 pursued by the imperial devastator over tatooine - star wars comic panel
age 11/12

Tantive IV - Pursued!

I honestly had no idea where the name 'Devastator' came from when I began this site in 2009. But I re-read the novelisation and there it was! I suppose it's better than Pinafore.

It's gas. The rebel captain implores the Imperials to cease fire and says "I repeat!" As if that's a sentence that makes some sort of sense. To me, in c.1980 it obviously didn't mean anything. It was simply something that people said in bad films, TV shows and comics: a cliché.

"Yes?" (The Devastator might answer)

"Yes, what?" (The Tantive 4)

"You said 'I repeat'." (Devastator)

"So?" (Tantive 4)

"Well, I repeat what?" (Devastator)

"You mean, what was it I was going to repeat?" (Tantive)

"YES!" (Devastator)

"Ooh. You know it's really funny, but I can't remember now" (T)

"Ha ha ha. I bet it'll just come back to you out of the blue" (D)

"I know - ha ha - when I least expect it." (T)

"You know, when this is over we should do coffee mornings" (D)

A Nice Surprise!

star wars twitter

Just a couple of days ago [July 2014] - I received this notification. Very nice!

It was a big thing when Bonnie Burton ordered the Official Star Wars Tweet Droid follow SWa9 around 2010 - and I wondered [pathetic person that I am] if the Disney sale would purge me from their Follow list. I needn't have worried.

Though, they do seem to be following just about EVERYONE at the moment!

bonnie burton

Bonnie Burton

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# Rod Hannah 2010-05-29 14:30
LOL! Too bad you commentary isn't part of the actual comic itself! That would be something else! Again interesting pseudo Corellian Corvette. I like!
# John White 2010-05-31 20:05
Hiya Rod! Congrats on being the first poster. I think you just launched it!

Yep - I really didn't have much of an idea what the things looked like. I can assure you, the first issue of the Marvel comic was no help!
# Blue Milk 2010-06-02 20:47
Yeah, I just saw the first few issues of the Marvel Comic the other day courtesy of Twitter's Admiral Daala. Interesting is probably the best word for it.
# John White 2010-06-02 21:20
Ha ha. Oh the memories though. Sat up in bed with a little lamp on, in the winter luxuriating in all their exciting, otherwordly but American strangeness. Did you see the 'Future Shock' type story in issue#3 (I think) called 'THREADS'? Profoundly creepy - and moving too.
# Carrie1138 2010-06-09 15:37
Waah! I remember that Threads story - it terrified me!! I was too scared to even look at the comic for weeks after reading that! And when I did pluck up the courage to go back to it, I would always only read the Star Wars strip and then close it really quickly before I could see anything else traumatising!
# John White 2010-06-09 18:18
Hiya Carrie! Yep - I still get chills - getting them now just thinking of it. Those poor kids.

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