The Unintentionally Comic Adaptation of 1977-83

Star Wars age 9: The Unintentionally Comic Adaptation of 1977

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Latest Refurbished Page! [Tue 24 Nov 2015]

Kenobi drips blood, Luke meets chewbacca - star wars comic page

"Hai!" And we meet Chewbacca (69)

From late 1978?: Can lightsabers drip blood? And Chewie - it seems - meets Christopher Walken!
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Autographed Pages!

cover of the star wars comic, signed by kenny baker

Kenny Baker [Above] Front Cover [Apr 2010]
Garrick 'Biggs' Hagon - 'We Meet Biggs' [Apr 2011]
Paul 'Greedo' Blake
- 'Han Shot First' [Apr 2011]
Steve Sansweet - 'The Crawl' [Apr 2011]

Special Editions

specially edition comic page

George isn't the only one who can play at that game.

Blockade Runner
Life-Pod: F-TOOOM!
Leia, She's a Bit Rough We Meet Death Star - again!

Grown-Up Pages!

ben and luke setting off for mos eisley - comic panels

Some bits of the film were missing from the old comic. You know, the boring bits.

' Thank the Maker!' (2010)
'Jammed Real Good' (2010)
'Scum & Villainy' (2011)

About the Comic


A 200 page home-made comic-strip  adaptation from 1977!

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